10 thoughts on “Pantagruel : Les horribles et épouvantables faits et prouesses du très renommé Pantagruel Roi des Dipsodes, fils du grand géant Gargantua composés nouvellement par maître Alcofribas Nasier

  1. Fionnuala Fionnuala says:

    Rabelais Reviews Part IIOne of the things I m really enjoying while reading about Gargantua and Pantagruel is the amount of new and interesting words I ve come across Sometimes the words are invented to suit the context as in the verb clochidonnaminer which is used in a scene where Gargantua borro

  2. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Although the language of Rabelais is quite difficult in the original 16th C French, with its strange diction and spelling, this is a fantastic book full of humour and political satire Rabelais narrowly escaped from the Inquisition with this book that was considered obscene at the time and perhaps even now his

  3. Alp Turgut Alp Turgut says:

    Gargantua dan nce yaz lmas na ra men hikaye olarak onun devam niteli indeki Fran ois Rebelais nin Pantagruel i ayn Gargantua gibi alt metninde derin din ve devlet adam ele tirisi bar nd ran kendina has diliyle t r nde tek bir eser Gargantua kadar olgun olmasa da en az onun kadar g l metaforik elerle kendine hayran

  4. Mεδ Rεδħα Mεδ Rεδħα says:

    In 1980, the comic strip of Dino Battaglia appeared in Italy after the work of Rabelais.The author is accustomed adaptations of literary works.2001 will see the publication in French of the drawings accompanied by the arranged text see for this purpose the explanatory forewords of the genesis of the work and the posthu

  5. Sara Ab Sara Ab says:

    M me avec la traduction en fran ais contemporain, ce bouquin reste ambigu surtout avec les exag rations trop farfelu mon go t.

  6. Rebecka Rebecka says:

    This is very hard to rate, because Pantagruel is one of those classics that can t really hold its own today if you re not very much into medieval French literature and history, and have an archaic French vocabulary to match your modern one A modern French vocabulary isn t really sufficient here, and to actually get someth

  7. Lau Lau says:

    1.5Yes, I m a prude and I do not like sex related books But I can stand them if there s something beyond that This book makes disagreeable jokes misogynist, vulgar, incoherent, excrement related and I don t get why is that necessary I mean, it s okay to break taboos, you do can tell me about your excrement once, maybe twice, but not

  8. Nick Bond Nick Bond says:

    I don t think I ve ever read anything quite as unique as Francois Rabelais Pantagruel If it had been produced for television, I might describe it as a combination between Ren and Stimpy and Monty Python s Flying Circus In the story, Pantagruel is a giant of mythic proportions and he takes part in a series of adventures both lewd and surre

  9. Eldenoa asil Eldenoa asil says:

    Beuvez toujours ne mourrez jamais

  10. Marc Marc says:

    Read in French Very exuberant, not quite readable I m afraid I liked Gargantua .

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