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[Read] ➺ 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You ➶ Vicki Grant – Vejega.info Inspired By The Real Psychology Study Popularized By The New York Times And Its Modern Love Column, This Contemporary YA Is Perfect For Fans OfEleanor And Park Hildy And Paul Each Have Their Own Reasons For Joining The University Psychology Study That Asks The Simple Question Can Love Be Engineered The Study Consists Of Questions, Ranging From What Is Your Most Terrible Memory To When Did You Last Sing To Yourself By The Time Hildy And Paul Have Made It To The End Of The Questionnaire, They Ve Laughed And Cried And Lied And Thrown Things And Run Away And Come Back And Driven Each Other Almost Crazy They Ve Also Each Discovered The Painful Secret The Other Was Trying So Hard To Hide But Have They Fallen In Love Told In The Language Of Modern Romance Texting, QA, IM And Punctuated By Paul S Sketches, This Clever High Concept YA Is Full Of Humor And Heart As Soon As You Ve Finished Reading, You Ll Be Searching For Your Own Stranger To Ask The Questions Maybe You Ll Even Fall In Love

10 thoughts on “36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

  1. Sarah Joint Sarah Joint says:

    Three stars for cuteness I think it suffered from being an ARC The drawings and there are many that will be included in the book were not present I would have loved to see them, because they sounded hilarious I don t read a lot of young adult, especially romance, so m

  2. Jordan Harvey Jordan Harvey says:

    Here is my video review for an in depth look at my thoughts did not like this book At all.I thought the writing style was juvenile and failed to ground the characters and communicate genuine emotion and growth within them.I thought the characters were flat, cliche, underdevelop

  3. Diana Diana says:

    So a clumsy heroine who is shy and babbles a lot and is prone to accidents Enter the proverbial bad guy who doens t give a damn and is full of himself Follow into an interview between them from hell which makes you exit this book as fast as you can afraid this exchange is going to be the

  4. Bruna Miranda Bruna Miranda says:

    DNF 36% I was really interested in the idea behind it, but I couldn t connect with the characters at all I couldn t quite get the rhythm of the story and got really confused on where on the timeline I was part of it was because of the format the ARC was sent with barely any structure, which made t

  5. Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books) Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books) says:

    I thought this book was so cute I m very familiar with the study the book was based on, so I was really excited to pick it up and see how it was played out in book format I read the book in one sitting, and really enjoyed it It s a YA romance about two teens completing 36 questions with each other with the

  6. Tanya Tate Tanya Tate says:

    DNF 28%Received from netgalley in exchange for a honest review Great premise that I had my Psych Degree mind in full overdrive but with characters I m not interested in after the second chapter Also the potential of one the main characters being stereotyped into the typical thug and other stereotypes with different c

  7. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews Tink Magoo is bad at reviews says:

    I m going to be annoying and give this 3.3 stars.The Good, the bad and the fluffy mushy end.This very nearly ended up on my DNF pile simply because of the writing Outside of the IMs and interview style set up that was used while they asked each other questions, I didn t like the sometimes first third person style that was used

  8. Sophie Elaina Sophie Elaina says:

    This book was very interesting, especially in terms of the concept To think just answering a few questions could lead to a proper relationship and completely change what you think about a person is almost unthinkable But the progression of the book really showed how feelings can just pop up out of the blue and how certain interactions c

  9. ~ Althea | themoonwholistens ~ ☾ ~ Althea | themoonwholistens ~ ☾ says:

    I received an ARC of this book on a read to review basisIs there something you ve dreamed of doing for a long time Why haven t you done it This was a good book okay Despite the bright colors in the cover there were some parts that also hit those deep moments And the writing of the romance between the two MCs was very unique.It s just that, well I

  10. Kristina Horner Kristina Horner says:

    Got about 50 pages in before I realized I was skimming and finally decided to just not keep reading.

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