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Paperback  Æ 77 Kindle Ê Le Falcon verdi lasciavano coaguli sull asfalto, la traccia degli pneumatici insanguinati Cercai di camminare rasente il muro non c era nessuna porta attraverso cui entrare per nascondermi I palazzi non avevano porte Solo finestre Ma iniziavano appena all altezza del secondo pianoA ogni finestra famiglie intere con bandierine biancoazzurre applaudivano e festeggiavano la parata silenziosa delle Falcon verdiNel vento si udiva l eco di una marcia Ed era la Marcha peronista Mi appoggiai a un muro Sentii qualcosa di caldo e appiccicoso sui palmi, sulle ditaIl muro grondava sangue

10 thoughts on “77

  1. Adam Dalva Adam Dalva says:

    A winding, sometimes fascinating, claustrophobic novel about life under Videla in Argentina The lead, Gomez, is something of a cipher, though everything he gets up to gay affairs with police officers, sheltering pregnant dissidents, writing essa

  2. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    The second novel from Saccomanno in English translation is a much tamer affair than the comic take on Dante s Inferno, the exuberant monster Gesell Dome A snapshot of the seventies inside the Argentine Videla regime, the terror tickled lead G mez

  3. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    It s after 1 a.m., I m tired, and so my words will have to wait except for this one of the best books I ve read this year.More to come.

  4. Bhaskar Thakuria Bhaskar Thakuria says:

    Well this is my second novel with Guillermo Saccomanno as the author after I started reading his monumental epic Gesell Dome this autumn And while I did not find time enough to finish this earlier work I happened to pick up this one this month This

  5. Huy Huy says:

    Argentina nh ng n m 70 l n x n v y b t tr c, cu n s ch k v b c tranh x h i c a Argentina d i g c nh n c a m t gi o s ng t nh, y h n lo n, nh ng ng ph i tranh gi nh quy n l c, qu n i b t l c, ng i d n s ng trong s hoang mang, c r t th v v r t l , ta

  6. Sam Sam says:

    This is the second novel by award winning Argentinian author, Guillermo Saccomanno, translated to English by Andrea G Labinger for Open Letter books and it is a good one The main story takes place in 1977 during the period called The Dirty War, that

  7. Matthew Matthew says:

    Wow this novel, what a stunner Historical noir set mainly during the Dirty War in Argentina We follow Gomez, a gay former high school literature professor now in his 80 s as he recalls the events of the novel from 30 years earlier while he s in his 50

  8. Vivek Tejuja Vivek Tejuja says:

    Books written to defy, to present various points of view, and above all to show us that we can and should raise voices against powers are books that I love to read It makes me feel stronger, it makes me want to protest, andthan anything else it makes m

  9. Bill Hsu Bill Hsu says:

    This is mostly harsh and relentless Saccomanno s prose is clean and quiet The novel does meander a bit in the second half the sequence with Gomez sheltering the dissidents seems to be a bit of a digression.

  10. Andy Weston Andy Weston says:

    Though written in 2008 this has only just been published in English This is Buenos Aires in 1977 under the Videla regime Green Ford Falcons hover ominously on every street corner, and police beat or imprison people for no apparent reason, and yet the res

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