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A Daring Vow PDF/EPUB Õ A Daring  Kindle - ZELDA LANE her very name made the local gossips raise their eyebrows She d scandalized an entire town and filled upright Taylor Matthews with enough young love to burst all bounds of propriety But that was long ago Now a pillar of the community, Taylor privately rued the day he d let Zelda go BUT NOT AS MUCH AS HE DREADED HER RETURN Because Zelda was back as beautiful and bold as ever She was carrying a torch as well as a grudge And from the tips of his polished shoes to the top of his starched collar, Taylor knew he d never quite gotten her out of his system

10 thoughts on “A Daring Vow

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I liked the story and the characters The only thing I would say is that the author showed really poor judgement when having Taylor and Zelda make love within a few hours of her getting a co

  2. Ann Longenecker Ann Longenecker says:

    It was ok Have enjoyed other of her works much better.

  3. Donna Kale Donna Kale says:

    I love Sherryl Woods, she is an amazing author, I skipped a few pages but the book was amazing

  4. Kathy Bardzell Kathy Bardzell says:

    Delightful and upliftingHaving never read anything by this author I found this book quite pleasant The characters were likeable and the story was even paced so you could really get the feel of the sett

  5. Wendy Verdon Wendy Verdon says:

    Love this bookThis one started a little slow but quickly hooked me I love this series She Never disappoints I love all of her series books.

  6. Beth Beth says:

    Just ok.

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