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Accidental Love Epub Ê Paperback BL Miller offers romance, sizzling passion, humor and great angst all wrapped up in an orginal, well written story you won t want to put down The story begins on a cold winter evening in modern day Albany with Rose Grayson on her way home after working her shift as a cashier in a local supermarket Heading home that evening also, slightly inebriated and in a bad mood after an unpleasant business dinner, is wealthy executive Veronica Ronnie Cartwright her life about to be forever changed when a fleeing figure suddenly darts in front of her Porsche Ronnie finds herself falling deeply and completely in love while trying to deal with old fears from the past and with the knowledge that what happened on a cold winter evening may very well come back to haunt her someday

10 thoughts on “Accidental Love

  1. mishi mishi says:

    Ronnie accidentally hits Rose with her car Due to guilt she moves her into Rose own house pretending to be a good samaritan, while hiding the fact that it was her behind the wheel.Their romance has such a slow build up Since it was a long book every small step of their relationship was given time Rose is the definition of Too pure for this world Once she spend the whole night crying in pain just so Ronnie won t have to go out at

  2. Farah Farah says:

    How many of us romance readers started with Mills and Boons first before discovering the greener pastures I have read quite a bit of lesfic and never felt the M B vibe until Accidental Love and just because of that, it deserved aThe storyline grabbed my attention immediately lady and the tramp, sort of I was thinking that I would connect with the tramp but it was the lady that had me wrapped around her big hands She had the Ice Qu

  3. Jo reece Jo reece says:

    Christ in some parts, it was so cheesy but my God, did i like it other parts of the story i caught myself thinking how old is the author 15 It felt a little childish,in some areas of this book, which got on my nerves slightly,,, I think that s the only part I had an issues with The characters were likable, a bit far fetched in some places actually quite a lot The story as a pretty good plot to it. a bit too fast at the beginning, th

  4. Les Read Les Read says:

    BL Miller sure knows how to write a dramatic love story This book has the characteristics of a traditional romance the heroine growing up under unfortunate circumstances due to status, money, broken family, etc which leaves her vulnerable, and there s a Knight in Shining Armor that rides in to save the day Except, the Knight in Accidental Love has a dark secret You ll be at the edge of your seat for this one.This novel is lengthier th

  5. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    I know, I know it s a silly, cheesy and oversweetened story But since I first read this book for the first time it holds a special place in my heart Definitely this is comfort read for me.

  6. Margaret Margaret says:

    Detailed score 2.75I can see how this book would have been a swoon making breath of fresh air back when it was first written and therefore appreciate multiple reviews listing this one as a sentimental favourite You can almost literally see modern history in the making with as this was written before rich girl poor girl , ice queen exec and toaster oven were lesrom tropes and were simply just storylines.Coming at it from fresh eyes, in 201

  7. Velvet Lounger Velvet Lounger says:

    This is a reissue of BL Miller s 1999 trad romance but a new one for many readers Despite it s age it isn t dated in a factual sense and felt as valid as any current romance The characters are solid Well developed and likeable, if a littlem f in their roles than manymodern stories Veronica Cartwright is the rich CEO of a large corporation, repressed by family expectations and a promise to her father Rose Grayson is the poor white trash, pro

  8. Kennedy Kennedy says:

    I love a good romance and the author delivers with a slow moving yet entertaining story I enjoyed the bringing together of the have Veronica and have not Rose In addition to the slow moving romance, I loved the fact they could help each other Money and stuff does not have to be everything Conversely, how they get together is a bit unbelievable but in my opinion, different which is a good thing Veronica family and housekeeper add a nice spice

  9. Lunatic Lunatic says:

    3.5I enjoyed the book especially the ending, but not the whole thing Somehow, the story didn t interested me that much The dialogues seemed like it came directly straight out of a cliche movie Noticeably started out with the villain s dialogues Well, well, well, what do we have here sounded familiar Are thugs always started out with that sentence Then we got Delores Bickering not sure if the name is right the way she wrote her letters to Rose,

  10. Frank Van Meer Frank Van Meer says:

    If you can manage to suspend disbelief very early on I m pretty sure you do not move a person after you ran them over, no matter how cold it is and accept it is just a device to get the two ladies together, this is quite a lovely story.It is very predictable, though, and some of the plotlines were there just to try and spice it up after all, they do nothing much else than watching TV and wereannoying than anything else I mean, the whole brother t

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