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Paperback  ✓ Accidental Love Epub Ê What happens when love is based on deception Can it survive discovering the truth Accidental Love is a captivating story between Rose Grayson, a destitute lonely young woman and Veronica Cartwright, head of a vast family empire and extraordinarily rich A horrific accident brings them together, but will the truth end up tearing them apart

10 thoughts on “Accidental Love

  1. mishi mishi says:

    Ronnie accidentally hits Rose with her car Due to guilt she moves her into Rose own house pretending to be a good samaritan, while hiding the fact that it was her behind the wheel.Their romance has such a slow build up Since it w

  2. Farah Farah says:

    How many of us romance readers started with Mills and Boons first before discovering the greener pastures I have read quite a bit of lesfic and never felt the M B vibe until Accidental Love and just because of that, it deserved aThe sto

  3. Jo reece Jo reece says:

    Christ in some parts, it was so cheesy but my God, did i like it other parts of the story i caught myself thinking how old is the author 15 It felt a little childish,in some areas of this book, which got on my nerves slightly,,, I think that s

  4. Les Read Les Read says:

    BL Miller sure knows how to write a dramatic love story This book has the characteristics of a traditional romance the heroine growing up under unfortunate circumstances due to status, money, broken family, etc which leaves her vulnerable, and there

  5. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    I know, I know it s a silly, cheesy and oversweetened story But since I first read this book for the first time it holds a special place in my heart Definitely this is comfort read for me.

  6. Margaret Margaret says:

    Detailed score 2.75I can see how this book would have been a swoon making breath of fresh air back when it was first written and therefore appreciate multiple reviews listing this one as a sentimental favourite You can almost literally see modern history in the ma

  7. Velvet Lounger Velvet Lounger says:

    This is a reissue of BL Miller s 1999 trad romance but a new one for many readers Despite it s age it isn t dated in a factual sense and felt as valid as any current romance The characters are solid Well developed and likeable, if a littlem f in their roles than manymode

  8. Kennedy Kennedy says:

    I love a good romance and the author delivers with a slow moving yet entertaining story I enjoyed the bringing together of the have Veronica and have not Rose In addition to the slow moving romance, I loved the fact they could help each other Money and stuff does not have to be

  9. Lunatic Lunatic says:

    3.5I enjoyed the book especially the ending, but not the whole thing Somehow, the story didn t interested me that much The dialogues seemed like it came directly straight out of a cliche movie Noticeably started out with the villain s dialogues Well, well, well, what do we have here s

  10. Frank Van Meer Frank Van Meer says:

    If you can manage to suspend disbelief very early on I m pretty sure you do not move a person after you ran them over, no matter how cold it is and accept it is just a device to get the two ladies together, this is quite a lovely story.It is very predictable, though, and some of the plotline

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