Alice Miranda in Paris eBook º Alice Miranda PDF or

Alice Miranda in Paris eBook º Alice Miranda  PDF or M Tear very muched enjoyed this She loves the phrases of French She loves the subplot of Rosie Hunter and the idea of Miss Reedy and Mr Plumpton Not to forget about Jacinta and Lucus All in all, a MUST READ interesting best yet A great book in the series Although I enjoy the bookswhen Alice Miranda is at school. Tr s chic sightseeing, singing and fashion Alice Miranda and her friends are in Paris with a group of teachers from Winchesterfield Downsfordvale and the Fayle School for Boys The students have a very exciting opportunity to sing at Paris Fashion Week The amazing city is humming with excitement and outrageous fashion choices quite often coming from Mr Lipp, the children s choir conductorBut a couple of France s best known designers are harbouring serious secrets, and when Christian Fontaine has some expensive fabric stolen just days before his show, Alice Miranda and her friends realize there is a darker side to the glitz and glamour of the famous city Awesome book 10 10 It s my favourite P.s do u know how to read books on this programme this would be a great book to read a wonderful book with a touch of mystrery Cosy and entertaining Well written but a tiny bit overlong. After reading this book I soooooo want to go to Paris and visit of of its amazing tourist attractions The book was written great and I reckon even my Mum would enjoy it

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