American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar ePUB

American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar ePUB Harvey Pekar is a true American original, known by many as the bluecollar Mark Twain For overyears he's been writing comic books about his life, chronicling the ordinary and everyday in stories both funny and movingThispage collection was issued on the heels of the film American Splendor, and it includes material previously published in the first two collected volumes in the American Splendor series

10 thoughts on “American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar

  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    This needs a bit of explanation. It's a true story but it sounds strange. Once there was an earnest young jazz fan called Harvey Pekar living in Cleveland, a grim industrial place by the sound of it. He collected records and through that obsession he met Robert Crumb, who you all know to be the

  2. Evan Evan says:

    By the time I reached the story I'll be Forty-three on Friday I realized that this book has more deep things to say about life than most *real* novels, and as a biographical work is as comprehensive in scope as anything I've ever read. An amazing collection.

    (earlier impression

  3. Greg Brozeit Greg Brozeit says:

    A perfect introduction to Harvey Pekar for those unfamiliar with his work or just curious to learn what he was all about. Pekar wrote literature. He was the unofficial poet laureate of Cleveland, Ohio. A fabulous movie was made about his life

  4. Mark Mark says:

    The more I read of Harvey Pekar the more I appreciate his gentle wisdom and genius for revealing the magic of mundane life. Inspired by the success of his friend Robert Crumb, Pekar decided to start writing underground comics himself in the 70s, toiling in relative obscurity until the movie based on his comics opened

  5. Alan Alan says:

    Harvey Pekar is that guy—you know the one. Irritated, opinionated; he has a dead-end job that he's really pretty good at (although he's educated far beyond what the work requires), but that's almost beside the point, because what's interesting about him isn't what he does, it's what he says. Harvey Pekar's audience includes

  6. Dave Riley Dave Riley says:

    Look there's so much here that it is gonna take me a long time to read from go to woe. But I love it. Pekar's way washes over you and American Splendor isn't so much a read but a hobby.

    Of all the works I'm at volume 9 or something..and I have them all. No abridging.

    There is no adventure and maybe

  7. Marissa Marissa says:

    Harvey Pekar is one of the few ordinary, every day heroes out there that's actually managed to get media attention. His contemplative, relatable stories about every day life give the reader room to reflect on their own ordinary surroundings and friends in a way that gives them great meaning. In a culture that is more and more driven and domi

  8. Max Potthoff Max Potthoff says:

    American Splendor was really my first self-motivated exploration into the world of graphic novels. With a mixture of thoughtfulness, neurosis, anger, and kindness, Pekar's anthologies (read straight through) provide one of the most poignant entries into the complexity of everyday American life that I have read. Having been born in the early 90s, I w

  9. Samuel Samuel says:

    Pekar is the founder of literary graphic novels, so being a big fan of the genre I had to check out his work. It's odd, I assumed his stuff would be pretty cynical, but it's quite the opposite. It holds a pulse to the everyday Joe and offers little tidbits of advice on life.

  10. Ian Coutts Ian Coutts says:

    Great stories by a real outsider writer, the bard of Cleveland. Pekar's subject is the small, day to day stuff of his life (generally), seemingly humdrum but somehow compelling. Pekar wrote the stories but did not illustrate them and to me, one of the most interesting things about this book was what the several artists involved brought to the stories. You've got cl

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