An Eager Widow MOBI ä An Eager PDF/EPUB ²

An Eager Widow MOBI ä An Eager  PDF/EPUB ² Siren M nage Everlasting Erotic Historical M nage a Trois Romance, M F M, HEA Without a husband Kiera MacKenzie cannot get to her dower land, far from those with memories of her misdeeds She refuses suitors after her dowry rather than herself Her father, Laird MacKenzie, sends her high in the hills hoping she ll come to her senses before autumn When a tall, dark stranger arouses her far than her late unlamented husband, Kiera decides to seduce himIdentical twins Malcolm and Duff MacDougal have been invited by Laird MacKenzie to spend the summer learning from the wealthy clan MacKenzie asks Duff if he d be interested in marrying a young widow, implying her dowry would include a wee home and plot of land, something the brothers have dreamed of When Duff sees her size and experiences her cutting wit he is eager to be seducedKiera does not tell Duff who she is He does not tell her Malcolm will wish to share their wife And then all their plans unravel Genre Historical, M nage a Trois QuatreLength , word

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