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Girl of Nightmares MOBI î Girl of  MOBI :Ê Han pasado meses desde que el fantasma de Anna Korlov desapareci tras una puerta que conduc a al infierno, pero el joven cazador de fantasmas Cassio Lowood no puede olvidarla Para l ninguna de las chicas vivas que lo rodean puede compararse con Anna.Adem s, como si tratara de buscar su ayuda, Anna se le aparece continuamente, a veces en sue os, a veces cuando est despierto Cas siente que algo no va bien cada vez que la ve, ella est m s desgarrada y torturadaNadie sabe qu le ocurri a Anna cuando desapareci tras aquella puerta, cuando se adentr en el infierno para salvar la vida de Cassio Y Cas no descansar hasta averiguarlo ha llegado el momento de que ahora sea l quien salve a Anna. It s probably going to be blood, Thomas says in a regretful tone that doesn t match the devious excitement in his eyes It s almost always about blood If your dead, ghostly girlfriend sacrificed herself for you, you d hope she d at least finally be at peace, right But it turns out poor Anna is still a lost, unmoored soul, and Cas Lowood is still haunted by her face everywhere he goes In this sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood, which was one of my favorite books from 2011, Cas must find out what s happened to the girl he loves, all the while uncovering long held secrets from his past.Sequels are always a tricky business, so I breathed a sigh of relief when I found that it was easy to immerse myself in this world again I love the dark beauty of Kendare Blake s writing and her macabre humor, and I think most readers who enjoy a bit of levity with their horror will appreciate the way this story is written His skin is black as a struck match, cracked and oozing liquid metal heat, like he s covered by a cooling layer of lava The eyes stand out bright white I can t make out from this distance if they have corneas God I hope they have corneas I hate that creepy weird eye shit There are some fantastically spooky scenes, particularly a jumpy one involving a Mrs Bates type of moment, and a tension filled chapter set in the depths of an eerie Suicide Forest similar to this one I do wish there were spooky scenes, however, and that we spent time with Anna She is such a crazily vengeful, strong willed spirit that her absence was keenly felt What can I say, I love wallowing in ghoulish excess I think I was a bit spoiled after the last book s non stop creepfest, but it truly doesn t mean I enjoyed reading this book any less The tone in Girl of Nightmares is a little serious than its predecessor, but we also get emotional content as well since Cas is struggling with the loss of his girlfriend I liked that the vividly imagined world we were introduced to in Anna is expanded here and that the story follows a logical progression, although I m a little sad that it appears we won t be seeing of these characters I didn t realize when I started the story that this would be the last book in the series, but this conclusion is exactly what I would have hoped for It feelsright, and I am very satisfied with the end of Cas and Anna s story.If you enjoy dark humor with your YA ghost stories, you ve probably been salivating after this book as much as I have But if you haven t met Anna yet, what are you waiting for She s one ghost you really, really don t want to make angry.4.5 stars This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.Here is Kendare s doodle in the ARC she sent me Nothing could set the tone for this book better, hah.Win a copy of Girl of Nightmares While I wouldn t give up my doodled copy for all the magical athames in the underworld, we do have an extra autographed ARC to give away to one lucky winner It features the first design with a bloody red cover, which is slightly different from the final one that matches the colors of the first book a bit Enter to win on our blog Dear Kendare,In the words of my awesome co blogger, Kat You saucy, saucy minx.You knew exactly what you were doing here, didn t you I d bitched, moaned, and complained about Anna Dressed in Blood I gave it 2.5 stars I asked for You read my mind And you fucking gave it to me.If anyone were to ask me why I continue on with series that didn t exactly impress me with book one, I d have to direct them to Girl of Nightmares.You get no complaints from me this time, Blake This was brilliant This was awesome This is on a new level of badass I loved every bit of it Sincerely,Stephanie, who is now cheerfully eating her words.P.S Thanks for blowing my mind munch, munch Do you hear that That s the sound of me eating my words Girl of Nightmares truly surprised me I ll be honest and say I wasn t expecting to love or even like it because originally Anna Dressed in Blood and I didn t get along While everyone else ran around screaming high praises for it, I was left on the side lines And I hate being on the sides lines No matter how much I tried to love Anna Dressed in Blood I couldn t It had too many open ends and I m of the belief that even when you are reading a series each book must stand on its own merit So I was disappointed, but I also wanted to give the second book a try because regardless of my initial reservations, it wasn t a bad book And after that fun interview we did, I was convinced to try again So imagine my delight when I started reading Girl of Nightmares and discover how much I was enjoying it When I finished I felt like I had been on one epic ghost busting adventure And it was awesome.Girl of Nightmares takes place six months after the events in Anna Dressed in Blood with Cas attempting to get on with his life without Anna Unfortunately, that s not going so well for him since he continues to witness Anna being tortured in his sleep and while he is awake I m not going to go off and describe the blurb for you, but I will say Cas gets to the bottom of EVERYTHING in Girl of Nightmares.Everything that I complained about in Anna Dressed in Blood were addressed in Girl of Nightmares The plot is solid with no inconsistencies that I could see In fact, I really loved the plot because there wasn t a dull moment That partly has something to do with there being a lot of loose ends to cover the mystery surrounding the athame, where Anna went, Cas background, ect Despite there being so many issues needing to be addressed, I never once felt like Blake info dumped or rushed through explanations It was all very smooth and engaging I didn t want to put my book down, but well, I have kids, so it was unavoidable And that made me cranky Also, this book was creepy Do yourself a big favor and do NOT read the Suicide Forest scene late at night shudders Don t ask, just obeyThe characters have seen a considerable amount of character development, most notably being both Cas and Carmel Cas is no longer the cocky little prick who all girls fawn over like he s God s gift to womenkind In Girl of Nightmares he is a broken character struggling to let go of Anna He obsesses over it constantly to the point where it interferes with his ability to ghost hunt This was a Cas I could easily sympathize with and I wanted him to find a way for both Anna and him to be happy As for Carmel I can t really say much without giving away huge spoilers, but she was a badass You will love her.The best part of Girl of Nightmares was the hilarious dialogue These characters feel so real to me because Blake has sat down and given them so much personality Laughing is pretty much a given when reading Girl of Nightmares You can t get around it But that s okay because you want the humor when you in the midst of being scared shitless.The ending was perfect I can t say anything about it because I refuse to ruin the book for anyone, but I think fans will be very happy and satisfied Or not Who s to say Lol.But I would like to share with you a piece of wisdom After finishing Girl of Nightmares I happened to learn one big lesson Reading this book in the second floor hallway right above the stairs at night, while my entire household was sleeping soundly, wasn t one of my best ideas Learn from me This ARC was generously given to Kat and I by Kendare Blake This in no way swayed my views of the book In fact, I think she was expecting me to dislike it, but she ll just have to settle for my glowing review More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. The following book has been found in an abandoned, run down house along with a body, a pen, and a worn and tattered copy of Girl of Nightmares The walls have many words and phrases written in blood It s contents provide the only clues to theevents that led to the the death of a person and an increasing string of disturbances in the area.It reads as such This is a journal of my reading expedition I have traveled to this remote locale so that I may read Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake in solitude Rumour has it that this book is cursed and that whosoever reads it is doomed to have their wits scrambled and to be left insensible Nevertheless I bravely proceed and scoff in the face of superstition My intention is that others may benefit from the experiences chronicled within my journal and use it as a reference guide in their own reading experiences of Blake s second dip into the Anna Dressed in Blood Universe.Page 1I have been intrigued and saddened by the beginning Dearest Anna, it seems, will likely not be a major character in this book, alas But the writing remains of quality and it seems there are to be some ghost.Page 48There have been some instances of exciting ghost happenings, but also a great deal of plot set up and relationship dynamics I rather wonder what the hype is but shall persevere for now.Page 150It has been a difficult slog There has been average levels of awesome recorded and long stretches between badassery I have grown weary of the angst and seek to end the experiment Perseverance forces me onward and the everlasting hope that I shall one day be reunited with Anna Her lack of presence in this novel has made it cumbersome and Cas angst, and the secrecy surrounding him is wearisome I am starting to doubt the curse Worse yet, I am starting to doubt Blake How far I have fallen Tonight I shall weep tears of disappointment as I sleep with the lights on.Page 235Hark Is this the same novel Surely some great charm has bewitched me My instruments do not lie, yet surely there has been a mistake When I documented the levels of awesome, I was forced to notarize in my ledger that it was over 9000 and was unable to take further measurements for I had incidentally crushed my scouter in response What 9000 I said in shock and awe There s no way that can be right I am not sure what happened next for I blacked out and was awoken the next day by hazy memories There are now strange markings on the wall but I know not what they mean I fear I have put them there Am I becoming a monster Can this curse be true and is it tampering with my senses Page 291I understand now I was foolish and ignorant before, but I have been shown the way There is no human explanation Yet I realize now that life has no meaning, but for this book It is my only love My purpose It is the reason I have been born There is no curse Those who have not read it have been cursed It is all so clear to me now I have written a song for Blake that brings tears to my eyes as I sing it continuously throughout the night It has become my only companion through out my enlightenment I have written it down so that this knowledge may be passed on through the ages.Blake Blake Blake Blake, Blake.BlakeBlake, Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake,Blake Blake Blake, BlakeBlake.BlakeBlakeBlakeBlake Blake Blake.BlakeI hope that I am one day able to sing this song to her in person and that SHE WILL BE PLEASED WITH ME Page 332OHTHEMOTHERFUCKINGAWESOMEITHINKICRIEDITWASJUSTSOBEAUTIFULWHYDIDITHAVETOENDCANTTHEREBEMOREHOWCUOLDYOUDOTHISTOMEBUTITWASJUSTSOPERFECTILOVEDITSOMUCHSOMUCHWIN Snargle half blabber JOY This review and can also be found at my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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