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Paperback  ✓ Beguiled PDF Ê Ally Grayson never wanted to be a heroine she dreamed of writing great stories, not living in a fairy tale But when she s abducted by a charming highwayman right out of a novel, Ally finds herself thoroughly enchanted No matter that she s betrothed to another or that she has no intention of binding herself in an arranged marriage anywayBut when Mark, her burdensome fianc , is revealed to be none other than the rogue of her dreams, Ally must make a choice plunge into a world of murder and deceit without a protector, or place her trust in the man who lies to her but makes her heart sing

10 thoughts on “Beguiled

  1. Tabetha Waite Tabetha Waite says:

    I think I would consider thisof a mystery than a true romance There was a great story going on here, but most of the book was centered around a murder investigation I loved the premise of the highwayman, and Mark and Ally s characters, but I wish the author would have based the novelon their relationship Otherwise, it was a good read and kept you on the edge of your seat wondering who the killer was.

  2. Mariah Mariah says:

    All I have to say is that if I ever get kidnapped I hope it would turn out something like this book

  3. J.S. Crimson J.S. Crimson says:

    The story was itself was whimsical and the level of intensity was flat up until the end I would call this CPD or Can t put down You can easily read it and leave it then come back Although the story had a great amount of mystery and puzzle solving and murders the writing just didn t really bring it to life The Protagonist the Heroine was a lot of fun interaction as they bicker but I thought the Author got lazy in the love scenes, the

  4. I ❤ Pepper Martin (Jenn W) I ❤ Pepper Martin (Jenn W) says:

    I love Heather Graham and this was my first time trying out Shannon Drake It was not a bad read but I do prefer the Graham novels better, perhaps due to being a different genre I did enjoy the characters that were added to this book such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Queen Victoria Even though this was a fictional book it was nice to see that the author actually knew enough about the location and the time to be able to incorporate actu

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    In this series each book was better than the last Unfortunately the entire series focuses on something I ve never been interested in Mystery I hate mystery novels I always have I enjoyed how independent each woman was, and how their men had to learn to adjust Mr Mark had to learn that you shouldn t marry someone just to control them That s messed up.

  6. Amber Ray Amber Ray says:

    Too obviously derivative of Sleeping Beauty a blond, beautiful secretly princess living in the forest in a charming cottage with three aunts Did not interest me, but I finished it hoping it d get better Blah.

  7. Marianne Marianne says:

    It was ok I liked the mystery part of this book

  8. Amethyst Creek Amethyst Creek says:

    Unnecessary editing errors for example, how did Lord Wittburg end up in Lord Farrow s carriage p 251.

  9. Sabrina (Soter) Sally Sabrina (Soter) Sally says:

    Strano, pens Solo poche settimane prima Ally non era che una vaga promessa fatta a suo padre Ora invece Era tutto per lui Nessuno doveva farle del male Non riusciva pi a immaginare la sua vita senza di lei Terzo e ultimo libro che chiude pi che degnamente questa bella trilogia D Il secondo libro mi aveva un po delusa, ma con questo siamo tornati ai livelli del primo, con cui tra l altro ha in comune il richiamo ad una fiaba mentre sparisce l ambienta

  10. Majo Majo says:

    Un libro interesante he le do varios libros hist ricos, pero este es el primero ambientado durante la regencia Fue interesante ver la pelea de Mon rquicos y antimon rquicos por hacer o r sus voces Realmente, ignoraba esa parte de la historia de Inglaterra, es agradable que un libro nos ense e cosas nuevas.Mark es encantador, ya sea como bandido, como investigador o en su papel de caballero hijo de un conde Fue divertido ver a Mark celoso porque Ally pre

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