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Free ↠ Blood of Empire By Brian  McClellan – As The Final Battle Approaches A Sellsword, A Spy, And A General Must Find Unlikely And Dangerous Allies In Order To Turn The Tides Of War In This Epic Fantasy Tale Of Magic And Gunpowder By Acclaimed Author Brian McClellanThe Dynize Have Unlocked The Landfall Godstone, And Michel Bravis Is Tasked With Returning To Greenfire Depths To Do Whatever He Can To Prevent Them From Using Its Power From Sewing Dissension Among The Enemy Ranks To Rallying The Palo PopulationBen Styke S Invasion Of Dynize Is Curtailed When A Storm Scatters His Fleet Coming Ashore With Just Twenty Lancers, He Is Forced To Rely On Brains Rather Than Brawn Gaining New Allies In A Strange Land On The Cusp Of Its Own Internal ViolenceBereft Of Her Sorcery And Physically And Emotionally Broken, Lady Vlora Flint Now Marches On Landfall At The Head Of An Adran Army Seeking Vengeance Against Those Who Have Conspired Against Her While Allied Politicians Seek To Undo Her From Within, She Faces Insurmountable Odds And Dynize S Greatest General

10 thoughts on “Blood of Empire

  1. Brian McClellan Brian McClellan says:

    I mean, I certainly liked it.

  2. Dance With Me Then Dance With Me Then says:

    Well I certainly regret reading the blurb It s way too spoilery.

  3. Linda Linda says:

    It s a good book when your only complaint is that it s too short I did not get an advance copy, nor am I related to author

  4. Josh Josh says:

    Amazing Perfect bow on top of the gift that is the powder mage universe.

  5. Shubham Kapoor Shubham Kapoor says:

    looks greatwill read sooner

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