Body Movers books 1-3 eBook ë books 1-3 eBook

Body Movers books 1-3  eBook ë books 1-3  eBook Carlotta Wren Once Had A Privileged Life In Atlantauntil Her Family Life Fell Apart And She Ended Up Working As A Body Mover, Moving Bodies From Crimes Scenes To The Morgue And That S Just The Beginning Of Her AdventuresGet The First Three Books In Stephanie Bond S Series Of Sexy Mysteries Body Movers, Body MoversBodies For The Price Of , And Body MoversMen And A Bodyplus A Bonus Story Dirty Secrets Of Daylily Drive And A Body Movers Reading Guide

10 thoughts on “Body Movers books 1-3

  1. Marla Marla says:

    This series, a quick read, reminded me a little of both the Stephanie Plum and the Bobbie Faye series Stephanie Plum because of the somewhat unusual jobs involved, bounty hunter and body mover, and while Carlotta gets into some unusual situations they aren t as wacky as in the Pl

  2. Lisa Murray Lisa Murray says:

    These are exactly what they claim to be attractive bumbling female with daddy issues and 3 gorgeous men trying to help her out of jams and win her heart Take all that and throw in a lot of references to designer clothing, a few sex scenes, a close call barely resolved and a surprising vil

  3. Ásdís Rut Ásdís Rut says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It s an ok series but after having read J.D Robb s In Death series where the main character, Dallas, is a kick ass woman this just doesn t do it for me i want to like Carlotta, I do but she just makes me wanna slap her

  4. Debbi Debbi says:

    I loved this book It takes place in the early 1800 s in a town with a factory for turning cotton into cloth, and then weaving it, and finally making it into clothing I haven t read much about this period of time in our US history The main character is a young girl who has been sent to work in the mill to h

  5. Nancy Anderson Nancy Anderson says:

    Great SeriesThis is the second time I have read and enjoys these books The first was about four years ago Although some parts were familiar, many parts needs a memory jolt I encourage readers to enjoy the characters along with their emotions that come across so clearly, given the author s skill.

  6. Ann Marie Ann Marie says:

    This was the second in the Body Movers series but she did a great job of catching us up on her fugitive parents and the police s trials of trying to catch them Clever story line, a good measure of dysfunctional characters, and raw emotions made this a fun read.

  7. P.A. Wilson P.A. Wilson says:

    This is one of those series that keeps pulling me along Yes, I want to smack both of the main characters, but I understand why they are they way the are Fun reads and fingers crossed that Wesley and Carlotta eventually get their heads straight.

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Cute for what they are Light and quick read Good for an occasional chuckle and no heavy content.

  9. Merrilin Merrilin says:

    I liked this series it is a cute murder mystery series that the main character is always finding her way in the middle of it all.

  10. Rae Rae says:

    This rating is actually for the novella included at the end of this bundle of three books in one, Dirty Secrets of Daylily Drive.

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