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Callahan Cowboy Triplets Kindle Ë Callahan Cowboy His Callahan Destiny Tighe Callahan is wild and free as the wind, until he starts chasing the beautiful River Martin After he catches her in a midnight seduction he ll never forget Tighe learns he s about to become a daddy three times over Not even an ornery bull can stop him from making River and their babies to be his Standing down isn t in River s vocabulary Tighe can insist on doing the honorable thing all he wants she isn t tying the knot until the cowboy says he loves her Only, now her wounded warrior s on some dangerous, life changing quest Tighe s finally ready to heed the message of his ancestors defend his land and claim his woman Because it s never too late to become the Callahan he was destined to be

10 thoughts on “Callahan Cowboy Triplets

  1. Jenn Scranton Jenn Scranton says:

    StupidGoodreads really needs to enable the half star feature This book just kept getting worse as it went along First of all, it all started about a bull So you think, bull rider Cool I m into that Only, they are trying to keep him off of the bull Uhhhh, okay Dumb, but okay.Ooooh, it s getting good This chick, River, by th

  2. Kimberly Walter Kimberly Walter says:

    Callahan Cowboy Triplets is the 12th book in the Callahan Cowboys series by Tina Leonard.It is as always a riot with the hot irresistible Callahan Cowboys It was fun, sweet, CRAZY, hilarious, and absolutely passionate in what they do and with whom Tighe Callahan wants River Martin, the nanny bodyguard for his twin nephews,

  3. Susan Susan says:

    I enjoyed this one, especially seeing footloose Tighe get roped himself He has fancied himself in love with River ever since she came to Rancho Diablo as nanny bodyguard to Sloan s kids I found that a little hard to swallow, since he had never even been able to get her to go out with him much less been able to really get to

  4. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    My Review of Callahan Cowboy Triplets3 starsAnother Callahan story where the heroine ends up pregnant and the story of how the guy gets her to marry him It is a fun read.Their is the same villain who kidnaps someone to force his father to give up the secrets of where two sets of parents have been hiding out after testifying a

  5. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    Callahan Cowboy Triplets is the latest book in the Harlequin American Romance Callahan Cowboys series by Tina Leonard I have not read any of the other books in the series, so I was missing quite a bit of the larger story arch, but was able to keep of with the romance portion of the story and catch up to the rest for the most p

  6. Beate Beate says:

    I never quite connected with this story, and I think a huge part of it is due to the fact that it s part of a series I haven t read Another part is that this story was simply unbelievable There were a lot of no way in hell moments in this book With each page I read, I gotandannoyed with the characters and the plot in general.I

  7. Hsiau Wei Hsiau Wei says:

    This book tells the story of Tighe and River Tighe have interest in River for some time now and to gain her attention, he decided to ride in the bull circuit and on the worst bull Fearing for his life, River teamed up with his family to get him drunk and derail him from his ride But thing don t work out as planned Instead of Tig

  8. Yazmin Yazmin says:

    4.5 StarsIn Callahan Cowboy Triplets by Tina Leonard, Tighe Callahan has lived the perfect rodeo life wild and free But there is one woman that he has not been able to catch, River Martin, one of the bodyguard nannies at Rancho Diablo Him and his brother always believed that Anna and River looked like panthers the way they walked

  9. Mariana Bezerra Mariana Bezerra says:

    OneCallahan book to the series and this one was a bit strange for me Several reasons actually But the first thing that never leaves my mind is the fact Wolf kidnapped River and she was pregnant with three babies But the worst part was the fact Tighe didn t do a thing for about three months Come on, do you have any idea what it tak

  10. Josette Reuel Josette Reuel says:

    I picked up this book on a whim and ended up getting a Christmas one as well for the series I will say the story is good in general I just struggled with it because of the fact that I felt like there was something missing I didn t understand the back story because it was missing After I had finished the book, I realized that their

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