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Claimed by the Desert Prince ePUB ☆ Claimed by  PDF Mills Boon Sexy series delivers what you love in contemporary romance glamour and scandal in exotic locations In the desert kingdom of Zaheer, Jenny Stapleton meets Kam, a man she thinks is a doctor Though she s instantly attracted to him, her past makes her wary of getting involved especially when she discovers he s actually Sheikh Kamid, doctor and heir to the throne of Zaheer Kam is struck by Jen s passion for his people and the passion she arouses in him Soon to be king, Kam needs a wife, and Jenny s the perfect candidate Now he ll claim her as his convenient bride and his queen

10 thoughts on “Claimed by the Desert Prince

  1. MelissaB MelissaB says:

    The beginning of this book was a bit rough but it got better half way through as I gotinto the storyline There was WAY too much medical detail, I do not like reading about every drug used to treat stuff and the details of taking blood This author writes Medical Harlequins but this is a Presents so I didn t think the medical stuff would be as detailed The story ended being okay with a slow start and too many random sentences with an explan

  2. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Maybe sheikh books are just not for me It takes quite the plot and a humdinger of a writer to suck me into the necessary willing suspension of disbelief Eventually after all these fake princes from fake middle eastern countries continue to marry English and Australian girls, the ruling families of all these countries will be WASPs.

  3. Linda Verhage Linda Verhage says:

    Dokter in de woestijn nr.137

  4. Caro Caro says:

    This book was pretty good I liked the characters and emotions There was a little suspense danger thrown in not much and it livened it up a bit I would still consider this a passing the time kinda book, but I didn t have to make myself read it I liked the little blood brothers, and the cultural lifestyle that was introduced I always like reading books with a little culture rituals and lifestyles that are different intrigue me The ending was grea

  5. Ellen Hayes Ellen Hayes says:

    I attempted to read this just because it looked so ridiculous pathetic, and gave up at page 9 Inside she felt disturbed, which, she supposed, wasn t all that unbelievable because this man, with his erect carriage, his strong body, high cheekbones, the slightly hooded miss nothing green eyes, oozed sex appeal.

  6. Karen Wilson Karen Wilson says:

    While it held so many promises, it quickly revealed that it was quite lame I have the hardest time believing that the whole events falling in love, in bed, and getting proposed to, occurs within 2 days.

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