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Cop Next Door PDF/EPUB ò Cop Next  MOBI :Ê Callie Sullivan doesn t know whom to trust She witnessed the murder of her employer, but when the police arrived to investigate, the body was nowhere to be found Labeled an unreliable witness, Callie wouldn t dream of turning to the police for help when the killer begins making threatening phone calls, so she goes into hiding What she doesn t know is that her sexy new neighbor is really an undercover copEthan Cross has cultivated the role of a dangerous loner It is all part of his job with the Kansas City Police Department But the lies and danger he s had to deal with on a daily basis are starting to get to him, and he s almost forgotten how to connect with real people Is it his cop s imagination working overtime, or does his pretty new neighbor seem to be hiding something In The precinct series

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    The Cop Next Door is a short romance suspense novella which I read in under 2 hrs The MFC Callie Sullivan believes she witnessed a murder, but when the police arrive there was no dead body The officers conclusion is that Callie is either unbalanced or simply mistaken Yet threatening calls and other odd occurrences begin in the days that follow, and Callie believes she is

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