Creating Dialogue for TV: Screenwriters Talk Television

Creating Dialogue for TV: Screenwriters Talk Television As entertaining as it is enlightening, Creating Dialogue for TV Screenwriters Talk Television presents interviews with five Hollywood professionals who talk about all things related to dialogue from naturalistic style to the building of characters to swearing and dialectScreenwriters showrunners David Mandel Curb Your Enthusiasm,Veep , Jane Espenson Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time , Robert Berens Supernatural , Sheila Lawrence Gil Girls, Ugly Betty, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel , and Doris Egan Tru Calling, House, Reign field a linguist s inquiries about the craft of writing dialogue This book is for anyone who has ever wondered what creative processes and attitudes lie behind the words they encounter when tuning into their favourite television show It provides direct insights into Hollywood writers knowledge and opinions of how language is used in television narratives, and in doing so shows how language awareness, attitudes and the craft of using words are utilised to create popular TV series The book will appeal to students and teachers in screenwriting, creative writing and linguistics as well as lay readers

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