Paperback î Dead Sexy MOBI Ê

Paperback  î Dead Sexy MOBI Ê She was looking for long term She wasn t expecting eternity Just when Nikki Braxton has given up on finding a normal guy, she meets cowboy Jake McCannTall, dark and delicious, he could be the ideal man if he wasn t a vampire Well, at least that explains hisuhhunger for her Meanwhile, that down and dirty sex they re having is giving him the energy he needs to destroy his nemesis and break the vampire curse Good thing, because being with Nikki makes him long for a normal life that muchBut then Nikki is abducted If Jake saves her, he may lose his only shot at becoming human againTalk about damned if you do

10 thoughts on “Dead Sexy

  1. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening LineHe needed a woman Oh, I liked this one But then again when you ve got an uber sexy, motorcycle riding, tortured, cowboy vampire on the hunt what s not to like All my boxes have just been ticked Throw in a well written story, relatable and funny heroine, scorching hot love scenes, some tender dialogue and an awesome cast of eccen

  2. Sarah Winters Sarah Winters says:

    Months ago I picked up the third book in this series and loved it Now I ve finally managed to come across the first in this series and I m glad I did Although I used to laugh and pass over the Harlequin monthly stand in favour of real books Not to offend I m just not into the formula romances Thankfully Kimberly Raye caught my eye and here I am.The

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    cowboy vampire motorcycle best dang smut book EVER.

  4. Martel Martel says:

    Some authors are just made for erotica Some for something else Don t get me wrong, I like erotica as much as any other style, sometimesbut here it s the story that got my attention I cached myself skipping the sex scenes and get to the good stuff the dialogs, the characters motivations and evolution, the whole plot arrgh, talk about Bizarro world Can t say that I m d

  5. Emily Emily says:

    Nikki Braxton is done with men, tired of their cheating ways and unusual hobbies, that is until she meets sultry Jake McCann Jake is striking, brooding, and all out sexy in a finely wrapped package, when he suggests they go back to his motel for a night of uninhibited sex the good girl in Nikki quickly refuses After some thought though, the bad girl in Nikki decides, why not,

  6. Rachel (Sfogs) Rachel (Sfogs) says:

    Brilliant The plot, the characters everything

  7. Terri Pray Terri Pray says:

    This review is for the audio book, as sold by Audible The first of the vampire novels set in Skull Creek, Texas and it s a good introduction to the setting Jake McCann lives on blood and sexual energy, he needs either to survive and provide him with strength, so he s used to one night stands with women and moving on But if he s to reclaim his humanity he must kill the vampire who turned him an

  8. TINNGG TINNGG says:

    More of a 3.5 but as numbered romances go, pretty good.Ok, now let me get this straight The vampires in this world are compelled to annually return to the spot of their original turn and go through it again That is so messed up OTOH, killing one s sire restores one s humanity.So the H shows up because after much digging, he s figured out who his creator was, and where he was turned Now if only it occur

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    The construct of this cowboy vampire romance is too convenient Our hero is a 150 year old vampire who feeds not only on blood, but sexual energy Just as he s found the way to turn himself back into a human, he meets the woman who s given him the best sexual energy he s ever fed off, and he starts to realize that he might want to settle down Luckily things don t end up the way it seems they will, although the ch

  10. Raina Raina says:

    I picked this up because I really love her Dead End Dating series, but when she writes for Harlequin should have been indicator 1 she throws all talent and the need to think about plot out the window Don t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong this book It is a perfectly respectable trashy novel complete with shirtless vampire cowboy on the cover, but it is quite far from being up to par with the rest of her books You r

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