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!!> Ebook ➥ Death Prefers Blondes ➦ Author Caleb Roehrig – Vejega.info That s hair cist Extremely fun and successful at everything it s aiming for definitely going to be my 1 rec for people who ask for books like Ocean s 11 or 8, which is actually a really common request. Download Death Prefers Blondes Author Caleb Roehrig Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Teenage Socialite Margo Manning Leads A Dangerous Double Life By Day, She Dodges The Paparazzi While Soaking Up California Sunshine By Night, However, She Dodges Security Cameras And Armed Guards, Pulling Off High Stakes Cat Burglaries With A Team Of Flamboyant Young Men In And Out Of Disguise, She S In All The Headlines.But Then Margo S Personal Life Takes A Sudden, Dark Turn, And A Job To End All Jobs Lands Her Crew In Deadly Peril Overnight, Everything She S Ever Counted On Is Put At Risk Backs Against The Wall, The Resourceful Thieves Must Draw On Their Special Skills To Survive But Can One Rebel Heiress And Four Kickboxing Drag Queens Withstand The Slings And Arrows Of Truly Outrageous Fortune Or Will A Mounting Sea Of Troubles End Them For Good Oceans 8 meets Hamlet with drag queensDifferent from Caleb s other books but absolutely a WILD ride and a fantastic epic of heists, revenge, and queer teens taking control where there is none to be foundY ALL ARE NOT READY Full review I love Caleb Roehrig s work, and getting to see his writing develop over the years is amazing, this being his third book and his best so far Death Prefers Blondes knocks the basic idea of a good YA novel out of the park crossing genres and providing a fabulous heist story mixed with the ever popular themes of found families and reasonable teenage rebellion Rating five best friend cat burglars five.For Fans Of Six of Crows by Leight Bardugo, The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee, Heist Society by Ally CarterFavorite QuotesIf these past few weeks have taught me anything, it s that sooner or later we all run out of time Safe choices are fine, but if my clock hits zero tomorrow, I don t want any regrets I don t know how long I ll be in Italy, or what the world will look like when I come back all I know is that we re here now, and there s no reason why we shouldn t have what we want You shouldn t doubt yourself, you know Your father has a habit of making everyone feel like a failure so they re forever struggling to do better but you deserve to be proud of yourself to believe in yourself Don t let men or tabloids or even your father s ghost make you question your greatness Drag wasn t a disguise or an illusion it was armor When he stepped onstage, Axel became someone fierce and untouchable, a f A heist y book with drag queens, I m here for it I liked Margo and her friends They re smart and fierce af and absolutely loyal to each other I enjoyed getting their own stories and that everyone had a specific and different reason for participating And hooray for all of the representation queer, bi, non binary, and POC characters Plot wise, it was a bit of a struggle at first It took some time to get invested in what was happening, but once I was in, I was 100% in This book starts off with a bang and doesn t let go and it was quite a roller coaster Yes, I m being vague because I think it s better to go into this story without a lot of info Overall, the characters kept me reading The ending definitely left Want to see from me Check out my youtube channel I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review Video review Manning lives a double life By day, she is a teenage socialite with a reputation for trouble But by night, with the help of four Drag Queens, she pulls off some of the toughest heists imaginable But, when bad news regarding Margo s personal life comes to light and a job goes wrong, Margo needs to decide what to do and who to trust before she puts those she loves in danger The book is pitched as RuPaul s Drag Race meets Ocean 8 and if you know anything about me, you know that I FREAKING LOVE DRAG QUEENS so ass kicking Drag Queens EVEN BETTER I was beyond excited to pick this one up and it DID NOT disappoint The book is so fast paced and action packed it keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time I love d all the heist and fight scenes and the twists I didn t see coming I think the book was very well written in a way that made you fully invested in the story, its characters and the secrets they were hiding I really loved the alternating perspectives between paragraphs, I think it was a really unique and fun way to tell the story The book has such an amazing diverse cast You can t help bu So good This took me a while to read because of my general reading slump but I really did love this The twists had me genuinely shocked and I honestly love heists so there s nothing to even dislike in this one All the characters were great and I just loved it. Rupaul s Drag Race meets Ocean s 8 in Caleb Roehrig s upcoming Death Prefers Blondes This upcoming YA novel was really fun to read, folks The non stop action at times was slightly overwhelming, but overall Death Prefers Blondes is a fun, fast paced, multidimensional read, that will be perfect for those seeking a light mystery with a little flair I m not going to dive into the plot with this review, because I feel like it s best to go in with no expectations Margo Manning, the protagonist, is a socialite by day, criminal mastermind by night Breaking into museums, stealing diamonds from banks, you name it Margo can do it Margo teams up with her best friends, a group of men who like to partake in drag culture werk What a spin With the group s attempts growing and difficult, Margo and team must decide if this life of crime is actually worth it before it catches up to them This novel was very reminiscent to the Bling Ring that happened in California circa 2008 2009 I think there was a movie about it as welloh yes, with Emma Watson and crew If you enjoyed that movie, I think you ll love Death Prefers Blondes Death Prefers Bl This review originally appeared on Novel Ink.I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.As soon as I saw Death Prefers Blondes being pitched as Ocean s 8 meets RuPaul s Drag Race, I was all in Because if there s one thing I love than queer YA, it s queer YA that ALSO involves drag queens And, friends, this one did NOT disappoint Not only did the action scenes keep me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading, but I couldn t help but fall lace front head over six inch heels for this whole cast of characters.I won t go into any specifics about plot in this review, since Death Prefers Blondes is so action packed from start to finish However, I will say that we follow a main character named Margo Manning, a Hollywood socialite by day and LA s most capable criminal by night Along with her team of drag queen accomplices and a little help from her own drag persona, Miss Anthropy , she pulls off some of the toughest, most high profile break ins around the city We re talking everything from stolen jewel heists to stealing priceless art from a well guar

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