Spiral-bound Æ Deseret Recipes Epub Ê

Spiral-bound  Æ Deseret Recipes Epub Ê This is a compilation of economical recipes that use basic food commodities, such as those in bishops storehouses It also contains a food guide to help Relief Society presidents figure quantities of food for needy families These are basic, simple recipes, very good tasting and made with basic ingredients This is one cookbook that is so basic that I regularly use almost all of the ingredients mentioned most cookbooks call for things I don t buy. This was a life saver the 10 years we lived in remote Alaskan villages We had 5 kids and limited income, and with the nearest grocery store 400 miles away I had to cook cheaply with limited ingredients This is filled with easy, inexpensive receipes, perfect for a begining cook or large family I thought I would get one for my daughter in law and was stunned to find it sells onused for 51.99

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