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Paperback  Æ DNA PDF/EPUB Ê Monoton bir hayat s ren otuzlu ya lardaki El sa bir g n kendi evinde ak l almaz bir bi imde ld r l r ve olay n tek tan o geceden sonra hi konu mayan yedi ya ndaki k z d r ok ge meden ayn y ntemle i lenen bir ba ka cinayeti soru turan Dedektif Huldar a g re katilin zihnini zebilecek ve arkas nda neden ifreli mesajlar, anlams z say lar ve olas l k hesaplar b rakt n s yleyebilecek tek ki i bu k zd r.Huldar ve ona yard m eden travma uzman psikolog Freyja, k k bir k z n karanl k hikayesindeki bilinmeyenleri ara t r rken ehrin di er ucunda amat r bir radyo programc s l mc l bir paranoyayla kar kar yad r Ald gizemli mesajlar onu korkun bir caninin pe inde av m yapacakt r avc m Full review to come This is one fantastic series launch from Yrsa Sigurdardottir I will absolutely be coming back for of her Children s House books Layered, vivid, chilling, slow burning yet tense this is superb crime writing. Translated from Icelandic, this is the first in the Children s House series set in Reykavik This is a murky, dark and twisted tale which begins in 1987 where after an unspeakable event, child experts make the controversial decision to separate three children into different adoption homes This connects to what happens later down the years in 2015 when a mother is gruesomely murdered, discovered under her bed is her seven year old daughter, Margret, the only witness to the crime Freyja is director and psychologist at the Children s House which has the remit of meeting the needs of young, traumatised and abused children They also facilitate contact between the child and the police with a view to protecting the child Detectives Hulder and Rikhardur are the investigators on the case and needless to say, Margret is a difficult witness to pin down Freyja distrusts the police, and Hulder in particular, with whom she has history There are further deaths with the continuing strange use of ordinary household items as the murder weapons, and clues that include odd notes and coded messages on the radio It is a complex case where the killer will do anything to evade justice and is a difficult figure to discern.An atmosphere of menace pervades the book and there a number of potential suspects In an intricately plotted story the tension and suspense is well maintained The wide ranging characters are well developed and there is a strong focus on relationships in the novel Very dark Scandi Noir Recommended read Thanks to Hodder and Stoughton for an ARC. This is the first book in the start of a new crime series which I devoured page by page.I d left this book at home, thought I had it in my bag when I knew I d be spending some time in the car and sitting for appointments at the hospital nothing serious I was so fed up as I couldn t wait to jump back into this plot.A ten year old daughter becomes the only witness to a terrible shocking murder Treading carefully the Police need to bring in some expertise The Children s house.Then people die.There somehow links together a pattern by texts, strange weird messages and numbers.There are so many twists in this book you will get dizzy.So many turns that you will trip over yourself coming back.It s such a huge well written book that kept me riveted Yes riveted to it I was stuck like glue.That s why I couldn t wait to get home to finish it and but at the same time I didn t want it to end.My thanks to Veronique at Hodder for my copy. If you either enjoy Nordic Noir or are looking for a fresh take on crime writing and weary of the same old, same old, consider The Legacy, the first in the Childrens House series by Yrsa Sigurdardottir First, a primer on Iceland for everyone not a resident of that country.Iceland has an estimated population of 300,000 and one of the lowest crime rates in the world Take a glance at the following UN data of 2009 homicides Brazil 43,909 Denmark 47 UK 724 US 15,241 Iceland 1That s right One If you think that s stunning, consider that in 2008 there were zero Moreover, although there are approximately 90,000 guns in Iceland for those 300,000 people , crimes in Iceland usually don t involve firearms Also, there is virtually no economic disparity or class tension 97% of Icelanders identify themselves as middle class One might well pity the writer who opts to write crime novels that take place in Iceland.Enter Yrsa Sigurdardottir, perhaps best known for her series in which the central character is Th ra Gudmundsd ttir Civil engineer by day Crime detective suspense writer by night M y job as an engineer gives me a particular perspective on the human experience and the way I depict it Engineers confront the world through technology, numbers, energy, strength, budgets, and progress they engage in meetings, face the pressure of schedules and deadlines, and so on Other writers with different training will have insight into layers of the community that I am less interested in My Iceland is thus different from that of Arnaldur Indri ason s his viewpoint is that of a man, mine a woman s if nothing else I do not often address the lower levels of society and by that I mean the so called underworld of criminals My murderers are regular people something that I find challenging, motivating, and credible The local underworld here is not capable of interesting murderers when these occur they are always committed under the influence and are mainly pathetically sad.Instead of drug dealing and petty crimes, I prefer that the interaction between my characters leading up to ill deeds takes into account the closeness of people here Where six degrees of separation applies to most of the world s inhabitants, in Iceland it is probably only one degree of separation Or zero This provides a great tool for crime and thriller writing as my plots tend to revolve around the minor and major clashes between people What better than to have everyone know, or know of, everyone else How hard would you fight to keep your ugliest secrets secret under such circumstances Why focus on the author in my review Because, on its face, there s nothing obviously special about the plot of The Legacy What makes The Legacy a great novel and successful crime suspense read is the way Sigurdardottir tells her story and her skill in telling it, which reflects the excerpted interview above In 1987, something horrific happens and, as a result, and three children are adopted by three different families Flash forward to 2015 and a doctor s spouse and mother of 3 is murdered in her own Reykavik home Unbeknownst to the killer, the young daughter, Margret, is under the bed during the murder and becomes a crucial witness for the police The doctor husband is out of town on business, and Margret is whisked to the Childrens House, for appropriate counseling and care The director of the Childrens House is Frejya.Detective Huldar, a nicotine chewing, single, smart but inexperienced, junior detective, leads the investigation Huldar recently met and gave a fake name to Frejya at a bar one evening, then snuck away from her apartment the following a.m without a note, text or goodbye This background makes for some additional tension throughout the novel, from the moment of Margret s initial interview about her observations on the night of the murder Other related murders occur There s a code none of the detectives can crack and no resources available to them to crack it It s soon apparent that the downside of having so few murders occur that a department lacks the resources or expertise to solve the ones that do But then Sigurdardottir creates a police department under stress, where the various players act authentically Margret acts and communicates in an age appropriate manner Frejya s back story a brother in jail and her house sitting both his apartment and his dog, Molly, in a sketchy area of town makes sense The code is delivered by radio to a trio of down on their luck twenty year old guys, one of whom, Karl, is particularly well written and sympathetic His friends act like twenty year old guys, not props to flesh out the quantity of possible suspects I didn t identify the killer until the same moment Huldar identified insert ambiguous pronoun here , which is a sign of success with any crime novel.Note that, while the gore is minimal, the killing scenes are so effectively written that they place the reader in the head of each victim, with full knowledge that escape is impossible Chilling is an understatement It s the opposite of torture porn, but still you may well want to skip ahead a few pages if you don t want to have those scenes embedded in your brain for some time The suspense was palpable from the first moment Karl heard a sound in his basement and it remained unexplained Odds are you ll stay up too late to read it, as I did As an aside, props to the publisher for inserting, upfront, a character and pronunciation list Given the crowded cast of characters and my desire to learn Icelandic pronunciations, I found this list especially helpful.Thanks to St Martin s Press and Net Galley for providing an e copy for my review.Note The second book in the series, The Reckoning, is scheduled to be released on March 22, 2018 and here s a link to a 2015 interview with Sigurdardottir.http sigurthardottir1

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