Effective Support Groups PDF/EPUB ↠ Effective

Effective Support Groups PDF/EPUB ↠ Effective This practical book uses a question and answer approach to cover both basic and advanced information How often should a support group meet Where How long should meetings last What are appropriate ground rules What are the qualities of a good facilitator What are their tasks These answers andare provided For anyone looking for help with starting a support group, or for improving the one they re in, this is a simple, straightforward how to book A quick read, and lots of sound advice I was trained as a facilitator years ago, and found reading this little book to be a very good refresher. This has been very helpful with increasing my comfort level to start a grief support group a at my agency Thanks for the tips I am starting a support group and needed some guidelines to help me start out on the right foot I found this book to be easy to read and it built my confidence that I have the resources I need to go forward with my plans. Years ago I was asked by a nonprofit to head a peer support program My only qualificaiton was that I was considered a nice person with a calming personality Otherwise, I was handed the assignement because I was the only one willing to do the task I quickly did a search for support materials and found this book It is a quick read filled with common sense pointers.

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