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Download ☆ Ellie and the Harpmaker  By Hazel Prior – This is a quirky, original novel that reminded me a little of Where d You Go Bernadette and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Like Eleanor, Dan isn t great at reading social cues and gets anxiety talking to people he doesn t know He doesn t care about money, only making harps When Ellie stumbles into his place, she and Dan begin to talk, and she tells him she is a housewife For some reason Dan doesn t understand, she is sad To cheer her up, he gives her a harp.We the readers know that Ellie is sad because she s in an unhappy marriage When she brings the harp home, her jealous husband Clive freaks out Thus, she brings the harp back, but secretly begins taking lessons from what Dan calls his girlfriend Hanging out at the barn with Dan strengthens their friendship.What happens is a relationship based on two good people who have misinterpreted things in life, but you hope that there will be enough understanding to get themselves out of bad relationships and into positive ones Th But something is not right Not at all I would like very much to make it right, but I don t know how I have no idea what a man is supposed to do under these circumstances I am made of the wrong ingredients First things first I love when stories match their covers And with Ellie and the Harpmaker, it fit so well that I went back and stared at it when I finished the story So much simplicity, but so much meaning to the story as a whole I think that is very important in the books that I read.The author s writing in this book was purely lyrical That is the only way I can put it The words and descriptions flowed so nicely together that I wasn t even annoyed that things were being described so much I think had any one else wrote this, I would have grown bored on the second chapter But I really, really enjoyed Hazel Prior s writing.I know that I have touched on this before in my previous reviews, but when stories include a character with a mental illness or a difference from the typical characters we read about I love to see where they go and I love to explore the characters and almost study them in a way Dan was such a wonderful character And with the author giving us his POV, I enjoyed the story as a whole so much When the author explores these types of characters with such delicacy, I am happy and intriguedHowever, I had a feeling the heart of Ellie the Exmoor Housewife was 5 I love this, very starsOh my god I was not expecting this when I went diving into this book. The average rating for this book is quite good I am so excited for this ARC received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review A Rich, Heartwarming And Completely Charming Debut That Reminds Us That Sometimes, You Don T Find Love Love Finds You.Dan Hollis Lives A Happy, Solitary Life Carving Exquisite Celtic Harps In His Barn In The Countryside Of The English Moors Here, He Can Be Himself, Away From Social Situations That He Doesn T Always Get Right Or Completely Understand.Ellie Jacobs Is A Lonely Housewife, Her Days Filled With Walks And Poetry She Writes In Secret One Day, She Comes Across Dan S Barn And Is Enchanted By His Collection Dan Gives Her A Harp Made Of Cherry Wood To Match Her Cherry Socks He Stores It For Her, Ready For Whenever She D Like To Take Lessons Ellie Begins Visiting Dan Almost Daily, Drifting Deeper Into His World But When She Accidentally Discovers A Secret, She Must Make A Choice Keep It From Him And Risk Their Friendship, Or Change The Course Of Their Lives Forever A heartfelt and lovely story about finding friendship and love in the unlikeliest of places and with the unlikeliest of people Hazel Prior did a superb job in this debut novel The characters were a pleasure to get to know, especially Dan I loved seeing the world through his eyes It was quite refreshing and I always love reading about characters like him and the special someone that befriends them This book made me want to take walks through the English countryside, eat small sandwiches, and run my hands over the smooth wood of a harp Sadly, only the eating of the sandwiches is possible at this time But thankfully, Hazel Prior s beautifully descriptive writing took me to the Harp Barn in the English countryside and I could envision Dan s beautiful harps I also really loved the ending I was getting extremely anxious as the percentage remaining was counting down The best way I can describe the ending without giving anything away is to say it was understated and elegant I don t read romances because I don t enjoy reading all the sappy love ish things that always seem to come with them But this book This book is all about the leading up to a romantic relationship sans sappy love stuff that doesn t seem like it could happen at all and I really enjoyed it The cover with the pheasant perfectly sets the tone for the book of simple and pure, light and honest The characters were excellently drawn, although I didn t always like the MC s actions with her husband as she came off slightly sniveling when I think she was meant to show a bit of weakness instead And Phineas the pheasant was such a great addition to the story He perfectly brought out several characters best traits and he saved the day Many thanks to the publishe A single word kept going through my head while I was reading this book That word was lyrical and it really had nothing to do with the poetry Ellie wrote or the music created by the harp It was the beautifully descriptive writing I loved the way the author described how the two main characters experienced the world around them Dan s simple outlook on life and his appreciation of the world around him was mesmerizing and a joy to read When he took his walks through Exmoor I felt like I was there with him seeing the views he was seeing From the dewdrops on the grass to the smell of the pine to the tweeting of the birds, I felt like I was with Dan walking through the woods I loved the way Dan spoke about the wood he used for his harps and how he always noticed color Also, the way Ellie described harp music as a breath of fresh mountain air and a shaft of sunlight rippling in the water those were just perfect similes to me Overly detailed descriptions like this can sometimes bog down a book for me, but not this time The author s words were perfectly chosen and really helped me get into the mindset of Ellie and Dan and understand the things that were important to them Like I said lyrical This is a unique, unexpected love story and one that was incredibly sweet and innocent between the two main characters Ellie was a lonely housewife with an inattentive husband Dan was an introvert, disliked crowds and loud noises, and mostly kept to himself in the Harp Barn where he lived and w ARC received courtesy of Berkley PublishingThe novel was a little slow in the beginning with lots of superfluous words choices to over describe things But the idea behind an eccentric harp maker is wonderful It s a terrific look into how high functioning people on the spectrum live their own kind of normal life even with the way their brains process differently than others I liked the idea of how their whole deep friendship started with his random act of kindness and starte

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