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Elvis Presley's Twin, Jesse Garon PDF · Twin, Jesse SynopsisJesse Garson Presley is stillborn at am January or maybe notIn the s South, only poverty is abundant Laws are broken by the man on the street, up to and including the men of the cloth Looking the other way is common survival is the keyThe DELONGPRE family is rich and powerful, but they desperately want the one thing they ve been denied a babyThe PRESLEYS are impoverished without the financial burden of a child Jesse is gone, but unexpectedly, a twin ELVIS AARON PRESLEY, is born moment laterRecords disappear by those in position to dispose of them The Delongpres gets the child they want, THURSTON DAVIS DELONGPRE, III The Presleys end up with ElvisFive people share this secret foryears three pass away A lustful, greedy doctor pursues Davis mother LILLIAN What he knows can ruin the lives of Davis and Elvis

10 thoughts on “Elvis Presley's Twin, Jesse Garon

  1. Phyllis Bond Phyllis Bond says:

    Hopeful I enjoyed the book because it has a different side than other books I ve read, sad and happy and hopeful that it could be true

  2. jean jean says:

    Anything is possible Good read and a believable story A lot ofCharacters to keep straight but overall very good. I recommend this to all Elvis Presley fans and some that are not fans.

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