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Empire State of Slime Epub Û Empire State  Epub / Zombies take Manhattan in Empire State of Slime, book four of John Kloepfer's hilarious and stomachchurning Zombie Chasers tween series, with illustrations by David DeGrand Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, The Zombie Chasers : Empire State of Slime is overflowing with uproarious middle school humor, deadon illustrations, and highaction adventure that will leave readers moaning for the next installment of this sidesplitting seriesSix months after Zack Clarke, his sister, Zoe, and pals Rice, Ozzie, and Madison saved the country from braingobbling ghouls, life is finally heading back to normal But while the kids are busy exploring the Big Apple's sites on a class trip to New York City, things go from sublime to slime when millions of people suddenly rezombify!The Zombie Chasers are back on undead duty, but can they escape the crowded city streets and find a new cure, or is ZDay here to stay?

10 thoughts on “Empire State of Slime (The Zombie Chasers #4)

  1. Logan.S Logan.S says:

    this book was okay it felt weird because they kept on getting an idea but it failing somehow if this next one fails IDK.

  2. Traci Rosario Traci Rosario says:

    I love 5he book it is unique and havs

    I love it it's most likely it's so unique it's unlike others that's what makes it good so good I love it

  3. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Zach, Rice, Ozzie, Madison and Zoe are back after helping discover the brain flavored popcorn antidote for the BurgerDog plotted zombie outbreak in the first three Zombie Chasers (Undead Ahead and Sludgement Day) books.

  4. McKenzie Richardson McKenzie Richardson says:

    For more reviews, check out my blog:Craft-Cycle

    I found this in the Little Lending Library by my house and thought it looked right up my all

  5. Adam Ochoa Adam Ochoa says:

    Empire State of Slime by John Kloepfer is a good book. It is about this kid named zack who kinds out that everyone is a zombie. they go around trying to find a cure. Once they found it they cure every one in the world. They w

  6. Scott Scott says:

    My 9 year old son and I love the series.

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    Very interesting it is made so that you don't have to read the first four

  8. Barbara Signorelli Barbara Signorelli says:

    I like this book series. I think it's great that the kids try not to kill the zombie, that they just stops them from biting them by knocking them unconscious.

  9. Fada Goossen Fada Goossen says:

    age six says It is too long.

  10. Christian Christian says:


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