10 thoughts on “Enticing Benedict Cole

  1. Venetia Green Venetia Green says:

    Love, Aideal Artist he than all So opens Enticing Benedict Cole with a quote from the poet Tennyson Lines from Tennyson s The Gardener s Daughter thread throughout this deliciously romantic tale of Victorian art, aristocracy, passion and repression Cameo real name Lady Catherine Mary St Clair yearns to paint,

  2. Deirdre Deirdre says:

    Not bad, there were moments when I wondered how Lady Cameo Catherine Mary St Clair would cope with the issues brought up by her being unaccompanied but I found it interesting that she was dealing with issues about her wants and what society wanted her to do, and she also has to deal with the attentions of a man w

  3. Pamela Fernandes Pamela Fernandes says:

    This is very beautifully written the author has certainly done her homework on the pre Raphaelite era, has woven Tennyson and art so intricately, that the book is very seamless I don t like quotes at the start of chapters, I found them distracting, but they were well chosen Benedict wants a model and Lady Cameo want

  4. Mecque Mecque says:

    Impressive Harlequin debut Eliza Redgold has a talent for describing natural settings Her heroine is impulsive and naive but still someone I rooted for Loved the Pre Raphaelite cameos pun unavoidable

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