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Every Little Thing Kindle ✓ Every Little  PDF or Before there were mommy bloggers, there was Britt San Francisco s brassy scandal queen filled her newspaper column with juicy details of her many marriages, cosmetic surgeries and everything about her only daughter, MasonThen Britt dies Suddenly and in spectacularly embarrassing fashion So Mason now thirty five and vehemently un Britt like in every way returns home to settle her affairsough some affairs are not so easy to settleNow caught in her own sordid debacle, Mason finds herself thrust back into the spotlight, and this time it s her own doingStruggling to define herself as anything other than Britt Junior, Mason soon discovers that Britt s intensely public life still holds some secrets And though the overgrown teen rebel has always favored combat boots, she may yet walk a mile in her mother s shoes

10 thoughts on “Every Little Thing

  1. Lynn Lynn says:

    there was nothing in this book to make me care about Mason There was nothing connecting the different parts of the book to each other.things kept happening but the characters didn t becomefilled out and the main character didn t grow as a person This book was pretty pointless.

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    Not what I expected Wouldn t necessarily recommend it but I did finish it.

  3. Katherine Pederson Katherine Pederson says:

    I liked this book well enough.

  4. Nina Nina says:

    The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood Life on the Refrigerator Door The Last Time I Saw Mother It seems like I ve been gravitating to mother daughter books lately, and here is another one I received an ARC of this story from NetGalley and read and finished it in one sitting The book is not that long, the story itself just below 250 pages, and I guess it was okay Not bad, but not exactly groundbreaking Just enough to tide you over the next read T

  5. Bookish Jen Bookish Jen says:

    Imagine a newspaper columnist who is part Joan Rivers RIP and part Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous Now imagine this newspaper columnist is your mother.In Pamela Klaffke s second novel, Every Little Thing, the protagonist, Mason McDonald, doesn t have to imagine Her mother was the notorious Britt Castleman, a San Francisco based gossip columnist who ruthlessly informed her readers about the filthy rich upper crust high society types and their sa

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    EVERY LITTLE THING by Pamela KlaffkePublished by Harlequin Mira BooksISBN 13 9780778329237 0778329232 I received an ARC EBook Bound galley Edition from NetGalley, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion Synopsis borrowed from NetGalley If it s not one thing, it s her mother Before there were mommy bloggers, there was Britt San Francisco s brassy scandal queen filled her newspaper column with juicy details of her many marriages, cosmetic surgeries and e

  7. Blackravens Reviews Blackravens Reviews says:

    Kathy s Review Every Little Thing by Pamela Klaffke is an entertaining novel about mother daughter relationships Mason McDonald s self imposed fifteen year exile to a small Canadian town comes to an end when her famous or should I saw infamous mother Britt unexpected passes away during a medical procedure Forced to live in San Francisco until Britt s estate is settled, Mason s life takes many unanticipated and surprising turns.Mason s resentment of her

  8. Alice Alice says:

    I enjoyed Snapped, but I was disappointed to find that this book is about a woman who is essentially the same character Added to that apparent lack of creativity, there s nothing in this story that makes me feel much empathy toward the main character I don t find her offensive, but the author never really provides any real justification for the characters belief that her mother was the worst ever Other than describing conception in one of her columns, th

  9. Sondra Harris Sondra Harris says:

    I always feel guilty when I dislike a book Every author has a story to tell, and no one person s story isvalid than another s That said, I basically read this entire book because it started out pretty badly and I was waiting for it to get better, which never happened I felt no sympathy or connection to the main character, whose only redeeming quality for me was that, no matter what bad choices I have made in my life, I m nowhere near as bad as she is Whic

  10. WynterAngel Zsun WynterAngel Zsun says:

    I started reading this book just cuz I sorta liked the premise seeing as not much of a summary is given I should have put the book down immediately after picking it up It turned into whining and complaining almost from the start Then in an odd turn of events the main character who is pregnant starts like smoking and drinking and then professes that her progressive pregnancy is her right and is a great thing Idk why I kept reading but I did If you pick this

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