Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial Killer PDF

Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial Killer PDF On September th , the state of South Carolina executed Donald Pee Wee Gaskins in the electric chairIn the year prior to his execution, as he sat in Death Row, he revealed his life story to journalist Wilton EarleWithout remorse, and in graphic detail, he told of the brutality of his childhood and the years in prison and on the streets He described the escalation pattern of violence that brought him inexorably to the morning when he committed the first in a series of murders of teenage hitchhikers obsessive random carnage to relieve the rage inside himHe told how this made it easier for him to commit what he called his Serious Murders killing victims he knew, including his family and friendsHe held nothing back recounting each murder in ghastly detail, in his desire to stat the final truth about himselfHis story is one of the most chilling you will ever read Nightmarish There are than a few depraved serial killers on the record by now, but this one is a prizewinner May we never see his like again The text was bizarrely puncuated and randomly capitalized, as if the author did not have access to a copyeditor Even Colin Wilson s introduction was similarly mangled A lot of serial killers brag about exploits that never happened I sure hope this is one such case. I was so creeped out and disturbed by the book that I called out of work so I could finish reading it This man lived on the same street as I did, went to places I see everyday, and talks about going different locations I ve gone to without even knowing their connection to him. Being from SC, I have always heard about Pee Wee Gaskins This book is very disturbing and quite graphic Only about half of the book has been confirmed by police Lies or not it is extremely upsetting and scary to think about these crimes I found it very interesting and disturbing at the same time Not for the weak, must enjoy psychology criminology. I ve always enjoyed a good true crime book Being from South Carolina, I have heard a lot about Pee Wee Gaskins because he is from here and actually one of his murders was someone my mom went to school with I am not a squeamish person or easily disturbed, but this novel is VERY graphic and goes into depth with each murder At times I was literally cringing while reading it I should have known how graphic it was because upon purchasing it the novel is kept behind the counter and I had to present two forms of ID before I could purchase it I actually considered donating it simply because I did not know if I wanted it even on my bookshelf If you are new to the true crime genre I do not know if this is the first book I would test the waters with

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