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Fire and Spice  PDF/EPUB ↠ Fire and  PDF or WILD AT HEARTIron Willed Redhead Ginger Taylor Had Run Away From Only One Thing In Her Life Judd Bishop As A Moody Thirteen Year Old Orphan, She D Fiercely Depended On Her Guardian Grandfather S Love Then Judd Had Appeared On The Scene, An Instant Rival, And Ginger Had Made No Pretenses About Liking Him The Instant She Turned Eighteen, She D Left Kansas And Judd Behind Forever Or So She ThoughtNow Ginger Was All Grown Up, And She Was Back She D Inherited The Ranch With One Maddening Condition That Judd Stay On As The Foreman He May Have Grown Into A Lean, Rugged Cowboy, But To Ginger, He Was Still A Source Of Aggravation From The Moment They Met Again, Their Tempers Flared But Shockingly, So Did Passion

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