10 thoughts on “Gage Butler's Reckoning

  1. Saly Saly says:

    Gage Butler s Reckoning is not the best book in the series but good.Gage is a cop in the Juvenile and Sex Crimes division and he takes his work seriously, so seriously that his colleagues are worried about hi

  2. Mareli Mareli says:

    A bit lame I thought Gage Butler deserved a better story It was not bad but it lacked in passion, feelings Well, I m onto the next.

  3. Miki Miki says:

    Three hundred forty two times That s how many times the writer used an elipse in this book In less than two hundred pages Did I go through and actually count each one Yes Yes, I did I didn t have the stamina to count the das

  4. Marge Marge says:

    I really liked Gage in this one, but didn t think too much of the heroine, since she acts like a spoiled brat for way too long It was nice to see the couples from the previous Trinity West books as well as forshadowing of the books

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