Glimmer Train Stories #82 ePUB ✓ Glimmer Train PDF

Glimmer Train Stories #82 ePUB ✓ Glimmer Train  PDF Short Stories Torture Techniques of North Americans , by Lee Montgomery Chance , by Peter Ho Davies When the Wind Blows the Water Gray , by Clayton Luz A Season by the Shore , by Laura Groff The Tunnel, or The News from Spain , by Joan Wikersham Insurance , by James F Sidel Quarry , by Micah Nathan Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Connecticut , by Lindsay Sproul While Surrounded by Water , by Stefanie Freele Spatial Disorientation , by Christopher BundyFeatures Silenced Voices Mikhail Beketov, by Cathal SheerinInterview with Katherine Min, by Margo WilliamsThe Last PagesPast Contributing Authors and ArtistsComing Soon

10 thoughts on “Glimmer Train Stories #82

  1. Daniel Daniel says:

    As much as I do enjoy literary short stories as well as those within a particular genre, the literary field is often too divorced from plot, emphasizing character and language excessively I felt that way with some stories this issue, but partially I wonder if this arose from fatigue at reading

  2. Mitch Duckworth Mitch Duckworth says:

    Special standouts include When the Wind Blows the Water Gray The Tunnel, or, The News From Spain Insurance Quarry

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