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Greek: Best Frenemies PDF ë Greek: Best  PDF/EPUB ² They ve fought over guys, sorority elections and who gets the last Cheeserito Casey Cartwright thought that made her and her ZBZ little sis Rebecca Logan closer But when Casey s ex, Evan, nominates Rebecca as the next Omega Chi fraternity Sweetheart and Rebecca hesitates, Casey vows to play hardball ZBZ s status on campus depends on Rebecca winning that title It s time for some sisterly guidanceMeanwhile, Casey s brother Rusty wants to create a truly spectacular legacy for his fraternity, Kappa Tau, and KT prez Cappie is hoping to live up to Casey s expectations for their fragile new relationship The pressure is getting to everybody When Casey goes overboard trying to advise Rebecca on how to win Sweetheart, things reach the breaking point Will a surprise finish to the competition shake everything apart, or is it just the shock needed to bring best frenemies together

10 thoughts on “Greek: Best Frenemies

  1. Marsha Altman Marsha Altman says:

    I wholly support the buying and reading of this book Mostly because I wrote it.

  2. Katie Katie says:

    I ve been in a restless reading mood and stumbled across this on Overdrive and it was just what I needed It felt like the show and gave me my Casey Cappie fix.

  3. Megan Megan says:

    When feisty, snarky Rebecca Logan is nominated for the honor of Omega Chi sweetheart, her ZBZ sorority sisters have their work cut out for them Rebecca has some seriously mixed

  4. Gmr Gmr says:

    I love the fact that you can step right into these novels and feel like you re one of the gang especially if you ve ever seen the ABC Family show The characters personalities are right

  5. BookMuggle BookMuggle says:

    Just as witty and good as the show

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