Hard Times in Ireland: The Scotch-Irish Come to America

Hard Times in Ireland: The Scotch-Irish Come to America Each book in Primary Sources of Immigration and Migration in America paints a vivid picture for students of the varied histories of the people that make up the United States of America These books take a unique approach on telling the history of the United States from the global perspective of the different immigrant groups that came here What events were the catalysis for them to come What impact did they have on the events that were unfolding in America once they got here All of these questions andwill be answered through primary source imagery, documents, and clear, engaging text Students will learn about the history of the people that came to be known as Scotch Irish as they move from Scotland to Ireland and finally to America Persecuted for their religion and harassed by rack renters, the Scotch Irish strove to make a better life for themselves When they made their way to America, they settled, farmed the land, and fought for American independence alongside other people who believed in the ideals for which America stood.

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