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[Epub] Inferno (Play to Live #4)  By D. Rus – Vejega.info Download Inferno Play To Live 4 Author D Rus Terrapin Info.co.uk The Fabric Of Reality Is Bursting At The Seams The Gnolls Negotiators Are Knocking At The Gates Of The Kremlin Ancient Half Forgotten Gods Take On A New Lease Of Life As AlterWorld S Avatars A Spark Of The Creator S Almighty Will Is Still Alive In The Hearts Of Millions Of Players, Obeying The Impulses Of Their Faith And Knowledge While Reshaping The Universe To Suit Their Unspoken Needs Initially AlterWorld Came Complete With Infernal Planes So How About Confronting A Few Demons Not The Cartoon Characters Dreamed Up By Some Game Designer These Are The True Spawn Of Evil, Archdemons And Princes Of Hell, The Vengeful Retributors That Our Faith Has Delivered Unto This Newborn World Max Has A Lot On His Plate As A Clan And Alliance Leader, He Has To Repay His Debt To The Gods And Prepare For The Upcoming Battle For The First Temple And Still, How Could He Say No To A Potential Ally Could He Leave Desperate Fellow Players Without Help And How Could He Ignore The Vast Unclaimed Territories Just Begging To Be Taken Soon, The Volcanic Wastelands Of Inferno Will Shudder From The March Of The Steel Legions Its Lands Will Awaken To The Tramping Of The Countless Mounts, Players Pets And Familiars And Groan Under The Thunderous Gait Of The Many Assault Golems.

10 thoughts on “Inferno (Play to Live #4)

  1. Mike Mike says:

    Max is the main protagonist and he s a pretty lovable character He s chosen to go perma into Alterworld Meaning he has essentially had his consciousness permanently placed within his character in the virtual game Alterworld Initially, this was not thought possible, but when discovered, many people d

  2. Lazybee Lazybee says:

    Wow talk about an over powered hero Book was excellent as usual.

  3. H2h1z H2h1z says:

    The snicker snicker godly MC makes me wish I know Russian just so I could read all the books at once Sadly I am short on funds currently or else the translation fund would get a blip up from me but alas I can still petition other reader PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL...

  4. Peter Peter says:

    Aspects of this book weren t quite as fun as the first few, because it didn t read as much like a game which is the point, of course, as the game expands into a new world I m already itching to read the next one and f...

  5. Theresa Applegate Theresa Applegate says:

    Better and betterLoved the first book and they get better The development of the story is moving at a good clip, also the lead is a engaging person with a sense of humor.

  6. Steeve Steeve says:

    GreatagainSatisfying read, the end closes the books well, but at the same time leaves you hanging, craving forAnother great adventure, Inferno was well worth the wait.

  7. Rishad Mohammed Rishad Mohammed says:

    Another great read.The first third or so was a little slow and devoid of the usual emotion this series carrybut picked up nicely after

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    It s interesting reading a current Russian writer, to get a feeling for a real present day Russian s feeling of the world and his own country even in a SF setting Another good reason to read this exciting series.

  9. Strina K Strina K says:

    I gave this series a tremendous amount of leeway simply because a litRPG as genre is pretty gross re gender and b when reading a translated work, things may get lost or distorted from what the author intended.BUT NOPE I AM SO ANGRY THAT I HAD THIS SERIES RECOMMENDED TO ME MULTIPLE TIMES THE AUTHOR LITERALLY

  10. Johnathan Johnathan says:

    I don t know what to say, Max s racism and sexism just doesn t seem like it fits I can excuse his admiration of Stalin and Lenin as a cultural bias but it just doesn t fit his character to be racist In earlier books he s mentioned several ti...

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