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✴ Irreparable Damage (Irreparable, #1)  Epub ✷ Author Sam Mariano – Vejega.info PDF Irreparable Damage Irreparable, 1 Sam Mariano Pandorajewelry70off.us Despite Being The Illegitimate Daughter Of A Chicago Mafioso, Willow Kensington Hasn T Exactly Lived The Life Of A Gangster S Progeny She Hardly Ever Speaks To Her Father Instead, She Leads A Nice, Quiet Existence At Home With Her Family, Surrounded By Friends And A Steady Boyfriend Her Biggest Problem Is Having To Pick Which College To Attend Until The Day After Her 18th Birthday, When Willow Is Abducted By A Group Of Sex Traffickers Private Investigator Ethan Wilde Has Too Many Responsibilities To Put His Life On The Line For A Paycheck, But When His Latest Job Has Him Infiltrating A Sex Trafficking Ring To Rescue A Missing Girl, He Ends Up Doing Just That Before He Can Safely Extract Himself From The Violent Band Of Criminals, His Loyalties Are Put To The Test, And Ethan Ends Up Getting In Much Deeper Than He Ever Wanted To Despite The Heinous Acts He S Witnessed And Partaken In, Ethan Knows Their Only Means Of Escape Is Playing Out His Original Scenario Even If A Pair Of Accusing Gray Eyes Might Be Haunting Him For The Rest Of His Life Even If He S Not So Sure He S One Of The Good Guys Any Even If She Makes Sure Everyone Knows He Isn T.Her Salvation Could Be His Downfall He S Determined To Save Her Anyway This Is A DARKER, Taboo Romance, Intended For Readers 18 Due To Possible Triggers She Was Abducted By Sex Traffickers And Mature Sensitive Themes And Content.

10 thoughts on “Irreparable Damage (Irreparable, #1)

  1. Candace Candace says:

    This book was dark, taboo and offensive Accordingly, I thought that it was a fantastic read Not the best dark captivity story out there, but definitely not the worst either If you enjoy darker stories a

  2. Sam Sam says:

    while I m thinking of it, here s my PSA for this book This is not a book everyone is going to love I mean, no book is a book everyone is going to love, but The relationship in this one is taboo It isn t shocking

  3. Bev Bev says:

    DNF at 60% so no rating, because I just can t do it Of all the books I ve read where cheating has never bothered me, I m afraid I ve just hit my cheating hard limit so am not going any further with this one It s making me

  4. Lady Vigilante (Feifei) Lady Vigilante (Feifei) says:

    This didn t work for me but please don t let this one sentence of mine hinder you from checking out this book ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  5. Jillian Jillian says:

    This book was only barely darkish for a bit at the very beginning It had a taboo element but not one that kept me interested Unfortunately, after the halfway point, I started skimming and then just gave up all together around 77% I just didn

  6. Natalie Natalie says:

    4.5 StarsWe re not good or bad, either one of us, we re just straddling a line down the middleThis is not a butterflies in your stomach, heart fluttering, soul melting love story This is a story about two very complicated people and the dangerous, unh

  7. Maria11 Maria11 says:

    Ok I am thinking everything this author writes is a train wreak..it is truly horrifying, yet I have to keep watching.This is truly truly one F ed up story Messed up Am I going to read the nextyou bet your life

  8. K.M. Montemayor K.M. Montemayor says:

    This book is not what I expected, but I mean that in a good way I was hooked from the first chapter It reminded me ofOn the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves Although the subject matter is totally different, both books deal with two people in tragic circumstances who would n

  9. Chandra Chandra says:

    I was gifted a copy of the book in return for an honest review.This book was very well written, and had a very different plot from anything I have ever read and I have read a lot of books However, the plot was just too much for me, especially as a romance I felt torn the whole time

  10. Selene Selene says:

    5 forbidden stars Wow I loved this book This book is so different from any other book I ve read, even including both of this author s other books I haven t read a ton of darker books I have a lot of my list and I ve started a lot of them, but sometimes it feels like a lot of the same and I l

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