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!!> PDF / Epub ☉ It Had to Be You (Gossip Girl, #0.5)  ✩ Author Cecily von Ziegesar – Vejega.info It Had To Be You Gossip Girl, 0.5 PDF Epub Author Cecily Von Ziegesar Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Welcome To New York City S Upper East Side, Where My Friends And I Live In Luxe Fifth Avenue Apartments And Attend Manhattan S Most Exclusive Private Schools We Re Smart, We Ve Inherited Classic Good Looks, We Wear Fantastic Clothes, And We Know How To Party We Can T Help It We Were Born This Way Our Story Begins With Three Inseparable, Completely Gorgeous Fifteen Year Olds, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, And Nate Archibald Blair S Loved Nate And His Glittering Green Eyes Since She Was In Bonpoint Onesies Too Bad Nate Wishes Blair S Beautiful Best Friend, Serena, Was The One With The Crush And Serena Has A Secret She S Keeping From Them Both Hmmm, Something Tells Me These Best Friends May Not Be As Close As We Thought How Do I Know All This Because I Know Everything And Lucky For You, I Can T Keep A Secret So Sit Back While I Untangle This Messy Little Tale And Tell You How It All Began Admit It, You Re Already Falling For Me You Know You Love Me Gossip Girl

10 thoughts on “It Had to Be You (Gossip Girl, #0.5)

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    This was an okay contemporary story, but it felt really long.The characters in this were all okay, and it was nice to see them before the events in the series, but the storyline just felt rehashed and kind of redundant We had Vanessa shaving her hea

  2. Tara Calaby Tara Calaby says:

    I borrowed this from the local library because there s been a lot of talk about the Gossip Girl series, especially since the telly show came out Now, it is VERY rare that I won t finish a book if I start it, and even rarer that I won t at least give it a go

  3. Annabella Annabella says:

    I really enjoyed this book because it is so unlike my life This is the prequel to the Gossip Girl series So its what happened before all the stuff in the series.I haven t read any other ones besides this one, and now I want to read the rest of them.But someone said

  4. Yasmina Yasmina says:

    This book is about how Serena van der Woodsen started falling for Nate and what led to their affair, and why she left Constance Billard School for Girls When Blair Waldorf began to like Audrey Hepburn and when her dad left her mom for another man, when she first fell in lo

  5. Brenna Brenna says:

    I read some of the Gossip Girl series when they first came out, and then stopped I ve completely forgotten everything about them, and when venturing to the library with my grandma, I saw the prequel decided I might as well read it, then begin to re read the series I have never see

  6. Tiny Pants Tiny Pants says:

    This was interesting as it was the first GG book I had read for the first time after seeing the tv show, so I kept seeing and hearing the characters as they are on TV which obviously does not work well for Rufus or Vanessa, for example, nor really for Jenny It s quite entertaining, and ac

  7. Richie Chagas Richie Chagas says:

    Actual rating 2,5 stars

  8. Christina Christina says:

    Annnd I m finally done Not going to read any of the series Nothing happens, I don t care about high school drama, and half the book is brand names.

  9. Lucia Lucia says:

    Ovaj serijal je moj guilty pleasure i nemam srama.

  10. Rainbow Rainbow says:

    Actually 2.5 stars OkI have a weird relationship with this book I kind of like it, but I haven t finished it I had like 100 pages left, but I couldn t contiunue and I returned it to the library The TV show is so much better The book seems so different I liked Jenny But the big boobs thing was sooo weird It made me wande

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