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[Epub] It Just Doesnt Add Up  By Paul Moorcraft – Vejega.info Read It Just Doesnt Add Up Author Paul Moorcraft Ls17.eu This Is The Very First Book To Explain Dyscalculia Maths Disabilities By An Acute Dyscalculic Perhaps Up To Five Per Cent Of The Population In The US And UK Suffer From The Condition Because It Is Written By A Dyscalculic, This Book Reaches To The Very Heart Of The Subject For Anyone Worried About Their Numeracy And The Book Also Deals With Often Related Conditions Such As Dyslexia, Dyspraxia And Attention Deficit Disorders , This Could Be A Life Saver Dr Moorcraft Minted The Campaign Slogan Just Because You Can T Count Doesn T Mean You Don T Count This Often Humorous Book Will Help Your Pupils, Your Children Or Yourselves To Count Properly In School, In Your Careers And Throughout Your Social Life.

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