J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography Kindle ↠ J.

J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography Kindle ↠ J. A True History of Violence and Crimefighting, Politics, and Power In the hands of gifted cartoonist Rick Geary, J Edgar Hoover s life becomes a timely and pointed guide to eight presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon and everything from Prohibition to cold war espionage From a nascent FBI s headlinegrabbing tracking down of Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly in the s to Hoover s increasingly paranoid post WWII authorizing of illegal wiretaps, blackmail, and circumvention of Supreme Court decisions, J Edgar Hoover A Graphic Biography provides a special window into the life of an outsized American and a bird seye view on the twentieth century

10 thoughts on “J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography

  1. Diane Diane says:

    I ve been on a graphic biography kick lately, and Rick Geary s book on J Edgar Hoover was fantastic It s a great overview of the longtime FBI leader and his crime fighting strategies I thought this bio was a good complement to David Gann s book Killers of the Flower Moon, which also discusses the birth of the FBI.It was interesting to read the Hoover book in light of recent news events ahem, James Comey and to see how the original FBI director

  2. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Rick Geary does it again with this in depth look at one of the most controversial law enforcement leaders in American history.

  3. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    J Edgar Hoover was responsible for the creation of what is known today as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and could be claimed to have strongly influenced American, and subsequently global, history through his dossiers on politicians and other influential people The man used intimidation and wire tapping, along with having his agents follow people and compile information on every aspect of life, to build himself an empire of secrets upon whi

  4. Leo Horovitz Leo Horovitz says:

    There s really not much to say about this It s a short, straight forward tale of the life of Hoover with a focus, of course, on his years as head of the FBI The tone is dispassionate, a mere list of facts in the shape of a straight narrative The illustrations may take up a greater percentage of the pages, but the text is definitely in the center of focus, the illustrations are accompanying the text, even though it s in comic form Speaking of the

  5. Theresa Theresa says:

    I m pretty sure the only way I can ever read about J Edgar Hoover and like it is in comic book format.

  6. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    J Edgar Hoover A Graphic Biography is a biographical graphic novel written and illustrated by Rick Geary, and traces the life of J Edgar Hoover America s top cop.John Edgar Hoover was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI of the United States and an American law enforcement administrator He was appointed as the director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1924 and was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remaine

  7. Daniel A. Daniel A. says:

    I might venture that it would be comparatively simple to write any old graphic novel about J Edgar Hoover I m not linking to any of Hoover s own works here, as the man himself was a racist, sexist autocrat after all, any number of fictional works, both audiovisual and written, have portrayed Hoover in any number of ways, and Hoover himself was a larger than life figure, subject to any number of personality traits, not all of them accurate What makes

  8. StrictlySequential StrictlySequential says:

    Fairly presented a non partisan biography is a triumph in itself goodreader ANDREW says for a different title what is true for all of Geary s MANY historical works Geary simply lays out the facts through his writing and art, rarely editorializing or sensationalizing or imposing an overt opinion or point of view And it s riveting Hill and Wang used the Serious Comics imprint to publish four biographies which I acquired at once due to the quality of wh

  9. Rob McMonigal Rob McMonigal says:

    I first found Geary in a comics collection several years ago and have been reading him ever since He mostly does 19th Century things, such as Lizzie Bordon or the assassination of James Garfield, so I was a bit surprised to find him moving so far forward in time.As with all of Geary s work, this is a short, concise biography that sticks to established facts and doesn t pull punches in questioning what is usually known While he doesn t spare Hoover s r

  10. Nicola Mansfield Nicola Mansfield says:

    As usual Geary s illustrations are a perfect match for his text and so detailed one can just look into them for ages I thoroughly enjoy just looking at Rick Geary s work I m quite well read on Hoover and this brought nothing new to the table for me This is a whirlwind basic biography through his 80 years of life and near 60 of those in the Federal bureaucracy business eventually starting an agency that would go on to be called the FBI, where he became

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