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Just for the Night  MOBI ↠ the Night  eBook ☆ Power outages happen, and you have to be somewhere—like in an empty store—with your ex Who is still irresistible And hot And who knows how to make the most out of a dark situation… Checklist for: Larissa Zahn ☑ Food☑ Water☑ First aid kit With condoms Be prepared Very, very prepared☑ Someone you're still overwhelmingly into Jason Cantrell, I'm looking at you☑ Plenty of time in the dark Read: hot nookie Lots of it❑ The ability to walk away without regrets in the morning… Uhoh! I tried to read this I really did I even made it through half the first chapter.But that's pretty much where it ended.Maybe it's because the writer is too wordy no, no that's pretty much it The writer is obnoxiously wordy She talks and narrates so much that it slows down the pace of the story I want to read a good story that keeps a good pace between action and dialogue She doesn't do this well.In fact, she doesn't do it at all She's taking so much time describing and explaining where she needs to push forward It hinders the reader.I couldn't stay focused Shit, even my own writing is better than this I haven't seen any errors in her writing, but then again, I barely read anything If the writer's too busy narrating, describing, and explaining the characters than to keep up the pace of the story and enthrall the reader, then obviously the sex is going to be annoying too.I hate annoying sex I want good sex, not people having to yap their lips off during it all Mouths belong on bodies, and vocals need to be moaned This writer doesn't do it right.Certainly not worth keeping. The sex in this novel was great Super hot Love angst? Plenty of it So what was the problem? Based on those two aspects, you would think you'd have a recipe for a successful romance novel, but nope, couldn't bewrong.The author's note said that she wanted to write a story about two people who clearly were right for each other, but needed the time to figure it all out But you know what? After reading the entire book, I actually don't think they're right for each other I don't think they're the same Happily Ever After (HEA) couple everybody reads in romance novels They're not even a special type of HEA They're not a HEA couple, period The two characters have completely different dreams from each other: One was a traveller, and one was a homebody The female in the story even said: men are like frozen glaciers, they take a long ass time to melt and change All through their 12 hour lockdown in a shopping mall without electricity, where they just talked and talked (and had sex) I still couldn't find enough similarities or chemistry between them to believe that these two can be a married HEA couple Yeah, sure, they have offthecharts hot sex, but even the woman in the story said it herself, romance goes beyond sex, and all the talking these two did in the mall felt sort of a forced attempt to reconcile so the author could wrap things up, instead of the characters naturally belonging to each other in a typical HEA Aside from the problems I had with the two main leads, their romance and their HEA, I had problems with the first some chapters of the story Sure, I never considered myself a feminist, but after reading this novel, maybe I should start because there arethan a few sentences where the author implied/suggested that it was the woman's own fault for dressing up so particularly or looking a certain way that made the male characters lust after her Sure, appearance definitely has something to do with it, but the way the author wrote these sentences made me feel as if the men outright blamed the woman for appearing a certain way that tempted them to want to ravage them right then and there Yes, it's a romance novel, and appearance does matter in sex, so this kinda thing shouldn't surprise me, but the way the author wrote it, it was like it's the woman's fault for wearing those red heels and that skirt, if only she didn't Idk Maybe I'm reading too much into this I just didn't like the way Jason was characterised in the first half of the book Like he was some Tarzan beast or something The character development to turn him from a Tarzan beast into a Tarzan with a heart just wasn't believable enough for me to believe in the rest of his words in the last few chapters of the story. This is one blazing hot book and I loved it Tawny writes such awesome stories Jason and Larissa were so made for each other Loved the theme of being locked in a mall and no elecrticity for the night candles and chocolate set the scene. What does a giant koteka, painted on chocolate and guilt have in common? A man and a woman who fell in love so fast they forgot a few basic ingredients to a relationship and have a second chance to get it right I liked how the author introduced each character at their current point in their lives I found it interesting that although these two people crossed paths before and went their separate ways, like a boomerang, they’re coming full circle But have they learned anything at all in the intervening years? Ms Weber did a good job of making me want to find out Larissa has dreams and is determined to make them come true I found it telling that she was so nervous and jittery and full of self doubts Her best friend is a wonderful sidekick in the beginning and comes through for her in a roundabout way further in the story But before that can happen, a reader gets to see some interesting and revealing aspects of Larissa’s personality How easy it is to feel justified about things when there’s no one around that can argue back In this story, the heroine is about to be corrected on quite a few things – and reminded about some of the best Jason is also on a course correction in his life He’s confident, he’s focused and he has a huge responsibility that is making him rethink a lot of things in his life He’s also going to have to do some serious growing up during the course of this tale which was fascinating to watch He’s a man who has done many exciting things in his life He certainly knows his way around a woman’s body but he is flawed where it most counts I thought it was so romantic that a woman who had the power to hurt him also had the power to heal and give him a reason to grow Ms Weber had him fighting tooth and nail against that happening and he certainly wasn’t above playing sneaky to get his way The conflict is strictly internal but there’s an external influence that forces the issue Personally, I thought it was rather sweet There really isn’t any actual sheet action because, well, there weren’t any bed sheets The author sure was creative with what Larissa and Jason did have at their disposal I thought Ms Weber did an awesome job of creating sensual tension so taut, it hurt I also liked that despite the bruised feelings and the personal angst they had to work through, there was plenty of humor and tender moments to make me believe Jason and Larissa were good for each other I thought the place of the blackout was unique and I enjoyed how the author explored the possibilities I even liked Larissa’s internal dialogue pep talks I giggled when she screamed and fanned myself with what came after but in between was pure emotion and sentiments that grabbed this reader’s heart Just for the Night is a romance with humorous zing spiced with delicious heat and heartfelt emotions I was entertained throughout the entire book and it was a great reading experience Ms Weber’s sense of kink is honed to a fine edge with some tongue in cheek giggles thrown in to keep it lively; yet it never lost sight of the goal of having two hurt people find love and healing in the darkness I really enjoyed reading this book and to top it off the happily ever after satisfied me Whatcould a romance reader ask?originally posted at

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