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Laika PDF Ê Paperback Laika was the abandoned puppy destined to become Earth s first space traveler This is her journeyNick Abadzis blends fiction and fact in the intertwined stories of three compelling lives Along with Laika, there is Korolev, once a political prisoner, now a driven engineer at the top of the Soviet space program, and Yelena, the lab technician responsible for Laika s health and life

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  1. Greta G Greta G says:

    In 1960, science fiction author Robert Heinlein reported in his article Pravda means Truth reprinted in Expanded Universe , that while traveling in the USSR, he met Red Army cadets who told him that there had recently been a manned space launch This launch capsule, the Korabl Sputnik 1, experienced a mechan

  2. Calista Calista says:

    This is a heartbreaking story from start to finish This poor dog that is so sweet and no one wanted For some political reason, the Russian person in charge decided it would be good to send a dog in a flight orbiting the Earth knowing the dog would die I had no idea this even happened I know about Sputnik and ev

  3. Melki Melki says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Augh What the heck was I thinkingreading a book where I KNOW the dog dies at the end I ve spent my entire life avoiding Old Yeller for just that reason.But, Laika s story intrigued me, so I gritted my teeth, and mostly enjoyed the ride

  4. Scarlett Readz and Runz....Through Novel Time & Distance Scarlett Readz and Runz....Through Novel Time & Distance says:

    Work with animals is a source of suffering to all of us We treat them like babies who cannot speak Thetime passes, theI m sorry about it We did not learn enough from the mission to justify the death of the dogOleg Georgivitch Gazenko, 1998If you think this is just another sad dog story don t bother to read on This grap

  5. Betsy Betsy says:

    Dead dog books used to be a dime a dozen Time was a kid couldn t walk into a bookstore without getting whacked over the head with Old Yeller , creamed in the kisser by Sounder , and roughed up royally by Where the Red Fern Grows Recently, however, dogs don t die as often as all that You could probably concoct some magnific

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Laika is an historical fiction based around the Soviet space program, and the space dogs experiments in the early 1950s Author artist Abadzis constructs a heartwrenching prequel for Laika, a stray dog before coming to the aviation test center We also get the true back story of some of the scientists in the Sputnik program As t

  7. Dov Zeller Dov Zeller says:

    A lot of people complain about the manipulative nature of humans writing about canines who will die in the course of a story And some people openly admit that they appreciate the particular kind of pain that comes from these dying dog books But Laika is not, I do not think, a book that sets out to use Laika for emotionally manipul

  8. Lata Lata says:

    A story of ambition, politics, and cruelty, leading up to the first Soviet launch of a living being into orbit That being was a young dog that had been abused for much of her life then was sent to her needless death in an effort to meet a ridiculous deadline imposed by Khrushchev I had a lot of difficulty reading this, not because thi

  9. Seth T. Seth T. says:

    Books with dogs tend to manipulate That s just the nature of the literary and cinematic landscape Old Yeller Where the Red Fern Grows Homeward Bound It s like a rule And rather than subvert this, LAIKA s pretty up front about the fact that it will in no way deviate from the script It relishes in its formulaic, heart melting prison of mani

  10. Cindy Cindy says:

    Okay, let s get two things out of the way One, this is a graphic novel Two, this is a dead dog book The latter s not a spoiler we re all reasonably intelligent people, we ve heard of the Sputnik program even if we weren t around to personally witness its impact on the world The dog dies, okay That s not an acceptable reason to give this book

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