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Lawman's Perfect Surrender PDF/EPUB ì Lawman's The heat between them is instantaneous Irresistible But police deputy Ford McCall has a job to do And no self respecting lawman would let a woman, even a sexy brunette like Gemma Johnson, distract him He knows that evil has come to rural Cold Plains And if he doesn t want the petite newcomer to be involved, he can t take that riskGemma Johnson never saw it coming She fled from an abusive marriage and thought she d gotten away Now her violent ex has come after her, and by Ford s side, she s stumbled into an even larger plot Everything screams for her to turn to the rugged lawman But desire can lead to danger, and there s only so much her vulnerable heart can take

10 thoughts on “Lawman's Perfect Surrender

  1. Susan Susan says:

    I have really liked Ford throughout the series He is one of the few residents who hasn t fallen for Grayson s brainwashing I loved watching him as he stood up to the sheriff while doing police work the right way When he is assigned to protect Gemma from her ex, the attraction between them explodes While the attr

  2. Pam Koenig Pam Koenig says:

    So disappointed I loved the character of Ford and looked forward to his story The woman he was paired with was the worst Really, my ex husband beat beats me, so I see a badge and immediately get hot bothered Stupid The storyline and a good heroine could have put this over the top, sadly it had one but not the other The

  3. Cathy Beckett Cathy Beckett says:

    This is the continuation of the Perfect Wyoming series I liked the fast pace and Ford McCall I think he should have had a stronger heroine than Gemma To me she seemed to be extremely shallow and selfish Yes she was a battered woman but she also struck me as always going after the big money prize I did not like her at all.

  4. Christina Christina says:

    This is the first book I ve read in the series and I really enjoyed it Since this series is written by different authors I m not sure how I feel about it as a whole bit I m definitely going to give it a try I m anxious to see if Grayson Bo finally get caught This is the first book I ve read in the series and I really enjoyed it Sinc

  5. Ruth Chestnut Ruth Chestnut says:

    Loved this book from the Perfect Wymoning series Suspencfull to the very end Great characters.

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