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Little White Duck: A Childhood in China PDF ↠ White The world is changing for two girls in China in the s Da Qin—Big Piano—and her younger sister, Xiao Qin—Little Piano—live in the city of Wuhan with their parents For decades, China's government had kept the country separated from the rest of the world When their country's leader, Chairman Mao, dies, new opportunities begin to emerge Da Qin and Xiao Qin soon learn that their childhood will be much different than the upbringing their parents experienced Eight short stories—based on the author's own life—give readers a unique look at what it was like to grow up in China during this important time in history

10 thoughts on “Little White Duck: A Childhood in China

  1. Cecily Cecily says:

    A curious graphic novel comic-strip collection of eight episodes from the author’s childhood, between 1976 and 1980, when she was aged three to seven, and China was just begi

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    I'm rating this on my personal enjoyment of this book. The author and illustrator did do what they set out to do - a snapshot of life for two girls growing up around the time of chairman

  3. Betsy Betsy says:

    It's funny to think about, but the fact of the matter is that we're still in the early days of the graphic novel memoir for children. Adult graphic novel memoirs are capable of winning top li

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    A graphic memoir for tweens (and perhaps somewhat younger children) by a wife and husband team, Na Liu and illustrator Andres Vera Martinez. Liu grew up in Hubei Province of China and helps me le

  5. vanessa vanessa says:

    This book is eight true short stories about a young girl growing up in China starting in the late 1970s. It talks about the reaction to Mao Zedong's death, famine the country faced, the Lunar New Yea

  6. Cabear Cabear says:

    This book is very awesome.

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    I'm not really sure what the purpose of this book was. The author described her childhood in 8 brief, unconnected stories. Na Liu's family benefited from communism and Liu, accordingly, had a very different

  8. Nadine Nadine says:

    This is a really hard book to review. On the one hand the author is to be lauded for bringing her growing up to a wider and younger audience, on the other.... I know too many adult Chinese - perhaps of a generat

  9. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    Tash read it first because China and Graphic Novel. Now that I've finished it, I really want Veronica to give it a go. We just had a conversation about how Chairman Mao was both responsible for a tremendous amount o

  10. Dov Zeller Dov Zeller says:

    The cover of this book shows a brooding or angry or unhappy girl looking straight at the reader, her gloved hands at her sides, one of them holding a purse. A few bare branches in the distance are a little seasonal flag

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