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!!> PDF / Epub ☂ Lord of Scandal  ✎ Author Nicola Cornick – Vejega.info Read Lord Of Scandal Author Nicola Cornick Viagraonl1ne.us It Seems Heiress Catherine Has Everything A Woman Would Want, But In Reality She Is Trapped In A Gilded Cage And Duty Bound To A Man She Loathes The Ton Has Woven A Fantasy Around The Notorious Lord Hawksmoor, But Catherine Senses There Isto Him Than He Lets On Original.

10 thoughts on “Lord of Scandal

  1. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    Lord of Scandal riveted me at the start, but went downhill all too quickly Though it s clear author Cornick tried hard to make her characters likable, their lack of dimension left me unable to empathize with the problems in their lives and the over the top villain is of the laughing maniacally while drowning puppies variety Each time he appeared in a scene, I waited for him to twirl

  2. Kate4484 Kate4484 says:

    Rzadko si gam po romanse Nie jestem szczeg ln fank tego typu literatury Naiwnej, przes odzonej i z g ry przewidywalnej Ale e od pewnego czasu lubi czyta powie ci historyczne zainteresowa a mnie ksi ka Nicoli Cornick Skandalista.Bena Hawksmoorea zna ca y Londyn G wnie jest znany ze tego, e jest nie lubnym synem hrabiego i ze skandali, kt re wywo uje na ka dym kroku Ponadto jest uwodzicielem ko

  3. Leila Anani Leila Anani says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Nicola Cornick has long been one of my favourite Regency romance authors, I particularly like her unconventional characters and attention to detail.Lord of Scandal started off well the characters are well developed, likeable and deeply flawed making them interesting If anything, the hero is a little too flawed.The story is


    agr able roman J avais d j lu un roman de Nicola Cornick mais qui ne m avait vraiment pas plus plu que a A vrai dire, je d butais dans la romance historique et je n avais pas encore de style d histoire bien pr cis J avais donc pris au hasard un de ces romans Bref, un roman dont je ne me rappelle m me pas l histoire ni le titre d ailleurs Mais ce roman l Voici bien longtemps qu il tra ne dans ma PAL et j avais

  5. Isabella Kai Isabella Kai says:

    Lord of Scandal is the story of a young heiress, bound by duty to a man she detests, and a scandalous lord, who wants her Ben, Lord Hawksmoor, thrives in scandal and notoriety to get what he wants.I like bad boys and Ben Hawksmoor is definitely a very, very bad boy A notorious adventurer who works for what he wants in life, with charms to match, is a hero I can have any day of the week He s a curious mix of strength an

  6. Danae Danae says:

    This is my first Nicola Cornick book and I found her style engaging though a quick look at her other reviews in GR reveals that this isn t considered amongst her best by readers Which means that I ll try a fewof her writing The h h pair of Ben and Catherine are each interesting characters in their own right and I particularly liked the way Catherine stands up for herself though her timid behaviour at the beginning of the book d

  7. Annika Annika says:

    En odottanut kirjata suuria, olihan se samaa kioskipokkarisarjaa kuin skett in lukemani Nora Roberts Olin molemmat siis ostanut kes m kill ollessani S Marketista DAnyway, kirja ei tosiaankaan mik n ihmeellinen ollut Ihan luettavaa ja paikoittain mielenkiintoistakin, muttei mit n j risytt v n erinomaista Juoni oli sin ns keksili is, mutta kirjailija ei saanut hahmoja riitt v n aidoiksi ja mielenkiintoisiksi Kirjasta puuttui sit jotain Li

  8. Hanna Hanna says:

    Yleissivistysmieless luettu harlekiini aiheenaan viattoman mutta omap isen debytantin ja vaikeista oloista tulleen hurjap lordin kielletyt tunteet D Eip t m lajityyppi ihan minua varten ole ja my nn n r k tt neeni pahimmille maneereille neen Laudanumia, kurtisaaneja, uhkapelej , haudanry st ji ja naamiojuhlia kuhiseva Lontoon pime puoli oli ihan kiehtova tausta tarinalle Tavoista, joilla tekstiss tehtiin vastenmielisesti eroa hyvien ja huonojen

  9. Kay Bolton Kay Bolton says:

    Review taken from my blog in August 2011 153 after borrowing book from local library.Catherine Fenton is an heiress worth 80,000 and caught in a gilded cage, she is engaged to man she hates and surrounded by a cold and dis functional family.Benjamin, Lord Hawksmoor is a rake, scandalous, seductive and a notorious fortune hunter.Having kissed the woman of his dreams he will stop at nothing to make her his own, but will Caroline find his as hard to resist

  10. Tasneem Tasneem says:

    A fun easy read that dealt with important topics like the abuse of women and the plight of those unable to fend for themselves I adored Catherine s courage and I felt deeply for her friend Lily who ends up as a courtesan and is then murdered by a client Ben is afraid of love and I did feel for him I also felt for Sam, his cousin who always had a tender affection for Lily but never spoke up If only he had, she might have lived Catherine s father is a weak and usel

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