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Love By Association eBook ↠ Love By  PDF or Love isn t part of the job A tough as nails cop, Chantel Harris faces whatever life throws at her, and then some As part of Santa Raquel s High Risk team created by the town s women s shelter, The Lemonade Stand she goes undercover to expose one of the community s elite as an abuser Looking the part is easy, but gaining acceptance into upper society circles is a different matter That s where gorgeous and successful lawyer Colin Fairbanks comes in But Colin is so much than Chantel could have dreamed Wanting him is dangerous Falling for him could ruin everything

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  1. Kate Vale Kate Vale says:

    Take an experienced police woman who goes undercover, a young woman whose wealthy family didn t protect her from being savagely raped by the son of a family friend, and the woman s handsome brother who runs the family law firm Why does Chantel go undercover To gather evidence against a man thought to be beating

  2. Books and Spoons Books and Spoons says:

    This was aevent based story, than emotional one Even though the issues of the book are serious, from domestic abuse to date rape, and police cover up for criminals and crimes, it wasn t an overly emotional tale.Chantel has passion for her job, she is giving everything she has, her time, energy, and resources, to catch

  3. Lynn Brooks Lynn Brooks says:

    An intriguing story that keeps you guessing and trying to figure out who is guilty of what throughout Lots of protective shields are in place that have to be torn down to let life in again.Chantel Harris is a tough girl cop in Santa Raquel who is going undercover among the city s elite to try to bring an abuser to justice.C

  4. Yessenia Yessenia says:

    4.5 stars

  5. Coral Coral says:

    4.5 stars

  6. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Where Secrets are Safe Miniseries Where Secrets are Safe

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