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Marriage at a Price PDF/EPUB ↠ Marriage at  eBook What did an independent, spirited woman do when her stud farm was deep in debt Marry for money Never Courtney set off for Sydney in search of a silent business partnerHandsome investment broker Jack Falconer said he knew the right man for her Courtney jumped at the chance only to find that Jack was that man and he had a deal to offer He d clear her debts if she would do something for him in return have his baby

10 thoughts on “Marriage at a Price

  1. seton seton says:

    Miranda Lee is known for writing sexier Modern Presents and she lives up to her rep here The heroine is quite bold, a bit of a man izer, and even brags about her sexual experience I can see readers who would prefer the coy virgins in their Presents not liking her much.The book is set in the world of horse racing horse breeding and I think too

  2. Tia Tia says:

    When the hero and heroine met and found out each others story, it was lust at first sight Then the hero found out about the heroines mother dying and leaving the heroines horse farm in debt When he offered to pay off the loan it included a clause, that she marry him and have his baby The heroine agreed but had some own personal issues to work out

  3. Mudpie Mudpie says:

    Wow I didn t expect to like this book so much Written in 2001, I feel the oldies are goldies as in these Mills Boon written in the early 2000s were some of the best I ve read I started reading them in 2003 so I should make an effort to search out these old books Especially this The Australians series Hopefully my library has the complete set.I love h

  4. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    It was different in that the heroine was not a virgin I wanted to like this book It had all the right elements semi brooding alpha male, conniving ex, strong yet vulnerable heroine, a mysterious past, etc It just didn t come together and also seemed a bit rushed in places.

  5. amanda s. amanda s. says:

    It s not as good as I thought it would be The story s a bit less dramatic and I wantdrama But overall I enjoyed it and I look forward to readfrom this author.

  6. Chi Chi says:

    How weird that I couldn t post a review on my phone Anyways I had inititally read the manga adaptation of the novel and I rather enjoyed it, so when I had found a copy at my local opportunity shop or thrift store , I snapped it up Shame however, that there were some elements that I hadn t enjoyed.Courtney, the heroine of our piece, was a single, vivacious, gorge

  7. Debra Debra says:

    This story was not an entertaining story But a very un HP type book This should have been under the Desire heading It was so chocked full of sexual innuendos that it made reading not pleasant I do read Desire and am wanting that type from that, this was not what I wanted The story revolves around a young woman who never knew her father Her mother was older in age wh

  8. Love Reading Romance Love Reading Romance says:

    In a lot of ways, Marriage at a Price is your typical Harlequin Presents, with that precise amount of sex and romance But in other ways it is eventhan you might expect Courtney Cross is a strong and driven heroine who knows what she wants Unlike many heroines, she is sexually experienced and boasts that the only reason she would marry is for the sex But what about when

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    After the death of her mother, Courtney Cross found out that her mother had done some creative financial accounting and at the time of her death left Crosswinds a breeding ranch in Australia in debt of about 3 million dollars Looking through several option and not really liking any of them, Courtney made her way to Sydney for a horse race in the hopes of finding a wealthy b

  10. Marianne Marianne says:

    Marriage at a Price is Miranda Lee s 40th novel Courtney Cross is the independent, spirited owner of the Crosswinds horse stud farm But after her mother s death, she finds she is deep in debt and may lose the farm unless she finds a silent business partner When investment broker, Jack Falconer, says he knows just the man, Courtney isn t expecting the deal that is offered Sparks

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