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Medusa’s Master PDF/EPUB Ê Paperback Captain Kat Kim, leader of the all female Medusa squad, lives by the warrior s code Trained in an ancient warrior tradition, she can scale a wall in complete silence But when she s paired with Special Forces Captain Jeff Steiger, she faces new dangerSteiger is all American, from his blue eyes to his sun streaked hair, and his laid back manner goes against Kat s control freak ways When the two hunt for a high end art thief, their opposite styles combust And as mysterious commandos turn the job deadly, Kat must ditch her steely discipline and surrender to the desire that threatens to take them both down

10 thoughts on “Medusa’s Master

  1. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    This was a typical Harlequin romance and perfectly displays the reason I rarely read them any Way too predictable and there just wasn t any spark between the hero and heroine Within a few minutes of meeting, Kat kicked Jeff s ass twice and while staring in her eyes when getting up, he declares they are soul mates Then precedes to comment repeatedly about mar

  2. Rflutist Rflutist says:

    I read this just after finishing Cindy Dees Close Pursuit It s been on my shelf for a while, together with a slew of Harlequin romances I intend to clear off of my shelf during the summer commute to and from work.The plot line of this book was engaging in the sense that Kat, the female special ops lead, was talented and accomplished in contributing to the case s

  3. Emily Higgins Emily Higgins says:

    Captain Kat Kim of the all female Medusa Special Ops team is assigned to join Captain Jeff Steiger s Special Ops squad to capture an elusive art thief This is a fun book It stretches reality, but it is fun to contemplate a female being able to show a male Special Ops group a thing or two Of course, Kat and Jeff fall in love improbably fast, but this is a fantasy any

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