Megan's Marriage PDF/EPUB Ê Paperback

Megan's Marriage PDF/EPUB Ê Paperback The Only Thing Stopping Travis Kane From Getting What He Wanted Was Megans Stubborn Pride Although Hed Loved Her Since The Day He First Pulled Her Pigtails On The School Playground, Megan Had Resisted Him At Every Turn She Didnt Even Want His Help In Rescuing The Family Homestead Well, This Cowboy Loved A Challenge And Once Megan Walked Down The Aisle, Travis Wouldnt Let Her Get Away

10 thoughts on “Megan's Marriage

  1. Jenny Jenny says:

    if u love a smitten hero then you MUST read this book Travis is a dreamy romantic hero He is crazy in love with Megan and he shows her tells her in every way What a wonderful swoon worthy hero Megan got on my n...

  2. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    Cute besotted Hero, who had had it bad for the heroine since forever When they were kids he used to tease her mercilessly to hide the crush he had on her When they got older, he tried to screw up the courage to ask her out because, by this time, she hated him However, her parents passed away at a crucial moment so he w

  3. Romance_reader Romance_reader says:

    this was quite a light and ok love story, but that s about it Nothing stood out the H and the h were fairly normal people without any character quirks to set them apart from the regular Hs and h of HPland and there was no angst and the romance was a bit too tame for my liking None...

  4. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    Now where has this author been that I have never read her books Omg this was amazing I love it The hero is my dream hero minus the rodeo angle of course She was one awes hard working woman to put up and go thru all that she had done for her sisters I loved his joking manners, the way he teases,and seduces h...

  5. Elgyn Elgyn says:

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  6. Dominus~ Dominus~ says:

    COOL BOOK I love the way the boy has LOVE THE GIRL ever since and SHE WASN T NOTICING it because he was like OUT OF REACH and he found out a plan to get to be with the girl LOL Suggestion I would ve love if the girl get into an accident when the boy snapped at her at the hospital so h...

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