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Miracle in Borneo PDF/EPUB É Miracle in  PDF \ Nestled in the mountain jungles of Southern Borneo, near the Tatau River, lives the village of Chief Rayang For years they had existed without any western influence, relying on the spirits to guide their lives and the island to support them When new Christian teachers arrive on the simple island, the tribe s way of living is altered As the months pass, the gentle influences of the missionaries helps transform the bloody, skittish hearst of the local tribesmen into peaceful, grounded Christians As local warriors like Deckie become Christian leaders , the miracles on this small island are compounded in the hearts of these earnest natives Trouble brews in the form of the tribe s witch doctor Peekew, who wants nothing to do with the Christians and attempts to use supernatural effects to drive them off the island Through it all, the island Through it all, the islanders learn about a God that not only cares about them, but loves them, and a way of life which maximizes their potential Miracle in Borneo is the story that emphasizes the importance of the work of native evangelists in oversees missions Few realize how much the expansion of gospel work in foreign lands depends on these local laborers There are hundreds of humble souls whose devotion and courage constitute the front line of advance against heathenism

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  1. Debra Anne Debra Anne says:

    It has been many years since I read Miracle in Borneo, and it s interesting that the book s description doesn t mention the things about the books that stuck with me Other than the cool river setting, the longhouse on stilts and the canoes It doesn t even mention that the main character was a girl whose name I think was Cheraw The main story as I recall it involved the abiding love between Cher

  2. Janice Janice says:

    It was a good book but not as good as many of her others, My favorites by her are Singer on the Sand and Nyla and the White Crocodile She has written so many mission stories and is an excellent writer.She has written over 15 books We own 8 of them Wonderful Stories.

  3. Jaanus Tramberg Jaanus Tramberg says:

    The original book is actually Under sealed orders the story of Gus Youngberg I recommend to read that one first.

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