10 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Chris Berko Chris Berko says:

    A solid short story that shows a different,human side of Eisenhorn A side where killing is not always his first choice on how to handle a problem but alas, some things are unavoidable.

  2. David Sven David Sven says:

    A short story set between Xenos and Malleus in the Eisenhorn Omnibus.After recovering from the events in Xenos Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is sent to the planet of Sameter on what is supposed to be a cushy low key investigation to ease him back into the job What he gets instead is a series of cult ritual mutilations that have the stink of Chaos And Inquisitor E

  3. Olethros Olethros says:

    Aunque no lo parezca, un poquito distinto G nero Relato.Lo que nos cuenta En Perdida en combate publicaci n original Missing in action, 2001 , unos asesinatos de apariencia ritual en Sameter, un planeta agroqu mico en depresi n econ mica, llevan a un convaleciente Gregor Einsenhorn a investigar el asunto Relato independiente dentro de la saga Eisenhorn pero que s

  4. CrumbleMcLumble CrumbleMcLumble says:

    I very rarely find a 40k short story to be all that interesting, as it s usually just a frame around a battle between characters you haven t gotten time to know, or two dudes talking in a room for 30 pages Instead, this was like an episode of a good detective drama, with a tragic twist that, in a very 40k way, reflects a dark truth about the world we live in Excell

  5. Michael Dodd Michael Dodd says:

    Set between Xenos and Malleus, this sees inquisitor Eisenhorn returning to the field having recovered from the events of the Necroteuch affair Sent to Sameter for a routine mission to ease him back into work, when bodies start appearing with signs pointing to ritual killings he realises there s a much bigger puzzle for him to solve on Sameter It s Eisenhorn the super

  6. Andrew Sinclair Andrew Sinclair says:

    A good, short story It s almost like a day in the life of Gregor Eisenhorn I don t want to spoil it, but the ending is definitely bittersweet I m curious to see how this experience changes Eisenhorn over the rest of his stories.

  7. nooker nooker says:

    This was fascinating how this one played out Although the beginning was confusing to me as I wasn t sure I was reading the right story since it starts very similarly to Regia Occulta.

  8. Kevin Hozak Kevin Hozak says:

    Good short story continuing the story about Eisenhorn

  9. Carl Phillips Carl Phillips says:

    A great short story.

  10. Wes Wes says:

    A dreary and somber short noir mystery Decent, but melancholy.As the bridge between Xenos and Malleus in the Eisenhorn omnibus, it did the job of getting me back into the world after a long break between the first and second novels.

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