10 thoughts on “Mockingbird Wish Me Luck

  1. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    You no facesno facesat alllaughing at nothing let me tell youI have drunk in skidrow rooms withimbecile winoswhose cause was betterwhose eyes still held some lightwhose voices retained some sensibility,and when the morning camewe were sick but not ill,poor but not deluded,and we stretched in our beds and rosein the late afternoonslike millionaires.

  2. Arturo Urista Arturo Urista says:

    I met Bukowski at a San Pedro book store, he signed three of his books for me He told me that I was the only one from East L.A that came to see him that day I paid for Fuck Machine and I never got it May he RIP

  3. Nathan Nathan says:

    To give Bukowski a rating seemsthan a bit silly To review one of his books seems even sillier I love the guy He is my literary pumice stone, scraping all the dead skin off my heals and endeavors The moment I catch myself fretting over a thesaurus or a submission to some journal or prize, I grab one of his books and jab it like a needle into my vein, then wait for it to come all

  4. Julie Julie says:

    This book contains the famous poem the shoelace .it s not the large things thatsend a man to themadhouse death he s ready for, ormurder, incest, robbery, fire, flood no, it s the continuing series of small tragediesthat send a man to themadhouse not the death of his lovebut a shoelace that snapswith no time left.

  5. Swaye Swaye says:

    Favourites 3 16 and one half4th of julythe shoelacemarina 4th of july it s amazingthe number of people who can t feelpain.put 40 in a roomsqueezed against each otherhours of lethargic talkand they don t faintscreamgo mad or evenwince..it appears as if they are waiting forsomething that will neverarrive.they are as comfortable as chickens orpigs in their pens.one might even consider it wisd

  6. Jason Jason says:

    I am not a big fan of poetry and in fact this is the first book of poems I have read in quite a few years.I really liked this book though as Bukowski s poems read like very short stories and observations.Bukowski was a well known people watcher and there is plenty of that in this book He has poems on things he has witnessed, anti war poems, time in prison and moving poems about his daughter Of c

  7. Rob Lloyd Rob Lloyd says:

    After being left a bit bored of Bukowski since last reading Factotum, this has rejuvenated my enjoyment for his works Really bizarre, hilarious, earnest and raw poems throughout.

  8. robin friedman robin friedman says:

    MockingbirdCharles Bukowski 1920 1994 had a gift for creating evocative titles, including the title for his 1972 collection of poetry, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck The title is apt It derives from a beautiful poem, one of Bukowski s finest, Mockingbird I read Bukowski s poem as a parable on death and loss and cruelty During the summer, a mockingbird has been following and taunting a cat In response to the taunt

  9. Michael Palkowski Michael Palkowski says:

    his Malibu broads were like his poems they never arrivedFrom The White Poets After reading Pulp I felt somewhat alienated and disenchanted by his particular brand of dirty realism and felt as though a sizable chunk of criticism leveled on him as being a one trick pony might have been justifiably apt However in this collection the rawness of the poetry removes a massive amount of narrative sludge that sticks to a

  10. Mat Mat says:

    As with most of Bukowski s books, this is a mix of good and bad poems There are some very good ones in this collection though.I likeda day at the oak tree meet although this isa short story than poetry rainand the moon and the stars and the worldhogs in the skyearthquakeha ha ha ha ha, ha haconsummation of grief this poem is excellent those sons of bitchesww2 this is a really nice short story about something which actu

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